AirDrop to send Photos and Files to Mac and iphone

Hey Guys today i will show you how to send photos and files to mac and iphone using Airdrop. If you are not able to send to photos to iphone and mac than here is the full solution for this. Here is the easy and simple way to send photos and files to mac and iphone. So lets get start.


This is a very easy and quick way to send videos , Photos and some files from your iphone to other iphone or mac. In fact you can also share your current location with this. Actually airdrop also help you to send music from iTunes. In fact you can share your passbook passes and all type of contact information.


But for this you must upgrade your iphone to iOS 10 and latest version. If your iphone is not upgraded to latest version than you are not able to share anything with other iPhone or Mac. While doing this your iPhone’s should be close to each other. Remember not all the iPhone devices give permission to use airdrop. Also when you are sharing something your wifi should be enable. This is information about the airdrop but here below we will show. how to use it.

Files from Iphone to mac:-

  • Open control centre
  • Now tap on airdrop and choose contact only
  • Wifi will automatically turn on
  • Find something you want to share
  • After select the file tap on the share icon.
  • Now in the airdrop row you should see the apple devices
  • Than find the mac you want to share files with and click on the person’s name.
  • If there are more than one apple device’s are there than they might all show up there.
  • Now wait for the recipient to approve the transfer. After this now will see that there is a blue line draw around the icon that represent the device.
  • After sending the files and photos you will see the word sent under the person’s iphone in Airdrop.
  • AirDrop

Now On Mac:-

  • First you have to open the finder window than select the Airdrop.
  • Turn on the wifi on your mac if you are sharing your wifi connection from the
  • mac to your iPhone. Than log both the devices onto the same wifi network if you are sharing something.
  • Now in the finder windows you will see the option Allow me to discover by and choice of everyone.
  • Increase the chances of your mac to see your device, Than we suggest making sure that you must be seen by all.
  • You receive an alert on the mac when your file is ready to send. now approve that file.
  • When you approve the transfer the file should be in your download folder.
    Remember if you are using same id’s in both of the devices than you won’t see an alert. but the file is automatically send to the download folder.


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Files From Mac to Mac by Airdrop:-


  • First you have to select the airdrop by opening the finder window.
  • Now turn on the wifi on both of the Mac’s
  • There is a option in the finder window ‘Allow me to be discover by’ the choice of everyone
  • Increase the chance of your mac seeing your devices and make sure that you can seen by all.
  • When the Airdrop of other mac is turned on than you should see it appear in the Airdrop windows in the finder window of your mac.
  • To send files from the one mac to other mac. Than drag and drop on the icon representing the other mac.
  • A message will appear on the mac
  • Now click on the send to share the file you have selected.
  • AirDrop

Receiving on Mac:-

  • Select AirDrop in a finder window.
  • Wifi of your mac should be on during this
  • There is a option in the finder window ‘ allow me to discover by’ the choice of everyone.
  • Increase the chance of your mac seeing the devices.
  • Mac has turned on the airdrop and appear in the airdrop window.
  • Than you receive a message of file being share.
  • Now Click on the save to accept the transfer.

Above all the information about the Airdrop. How you can send and receive files on mac to mac, iPhone to mac etc.

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