Android 7 Nougat all Features and release date

Hey guys, Today I will give you some information about new version of Android 7 Nougat. Here we discuss about Nougat features and release date. There are lots of new features in android 7 nougat. Here below the full detailed information about android 7. So lets get started.

Android 7 Nougat:-

Android 7 Nougat is the best android release. There are lots of new features in this version. In fact its operating system is runs on 13% of all android. The android dashboard data tells that it is 1.2 % of devices are running its latest version 7.1.


Actually Marshmallow is the most popular version. The adoption of marshmallow is 32%. Kitkat runs on 16%. Lollipop is on 29%. In fact as compare to all android versions Nougat 7 is the best version.

Nougat Release date:-

The release date of Android 7 Nougat is 9 march. In fact google also revealed that the release date is q3 2016. The android 7 is out of box with android authority. The release of android nougat is end of august month. Actually it is not compulsory that devices will get update a same time.

In august 2016 the nougat predecessor is runs on 15%. This is the work way of android ecosystems. In fact nexus devices are also form of android. It takes time for longer version of android. It is available in fifth version. And also little rough around edges. The android 7 is best overall.

Android Nougat Features:-

  • Notifications
  • Multiple Window
  • Improved Java 8
  • Efficiency


There are many enhancement to notification. In fact user can receive incoming message notification in android version. This versions has many features but one feature bundled notifications is the best.


In this feature the group notifications can be expanded into individual notification. This is done by tapping the new expansion button. This features is going to help you a lot. It saves your time. The best feature by android 7.

Multiple Window:-

Android 7 Nougats allows a features of multiple window. Through this feature you are able to display more than one window. This function is also released by other companies. But this feature is first time launched in android.


This is available for group targeting nougat. With the help of this feature user are able to put apps in split screen mode. In fact is supports also picture in picture mode. There are many modes available in it like free form mode and etc. You can sat that this version is full of features you want the most.

Improved Java 8:-

In this operating system the java 8 language feature is also available in android 7. In fact it allow developers to built java into their apps.


There are some method in java like default and static methods, functional interface etc. These all function are now available on android 7 and the latest version of android. This is going to be best for all users.


Android 7 helps to use less and less battery when the screen of your device is turn off. This is the best way to increase device’s battery life. This feature is now available in nougat. But before this, the feature is also found in the marshmallow. In this version it saves battery when the device is not in use and the screen is turn off.


But in the nougat it also works when the device is on working. Also when the device is unplugged it subset the cpu and network restriction. Actually it means that user can save more battery when the device is just on and not in moving. The turning the screen on is brings device out of doze. Actually you can save more battery of your device when you are using this version of android.

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Android 7 update will be launch along side with lenovo. It provide performance enhancements for two smart devices. No versions below this allow you to use split screen mode.

This is the best version from android. You no need to buy new smart phone for this version. Actually you can update your old smart phone to use this version. In fact No need to pay anything this is free for all.

Above the full information about Android 7 Nougat. In fact the all features and its release date, price etc. you should read the article and gain knowledge about android 7 Nougat.

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