App Extensions on an iPhone with iOS 8

Hey people, today i will show you how to use app extensions on an iPhone and iPad with iOS 8. Here is full step by step information about the app extensions on iPhone. There are lots of extensions which you can use on your iPhone. But before using these extensions. You must have all the information about the extensions. Then you can use them correctly. So lets get start.

Extension on an iPhone:-

If you want to share menu of iOS with any service than you have to use app extension. You have to add browsers to chrome and other browsers. Then use photo editing tool in the photos app. Than integrate cloud storage service.


Mostly extensions are included with apps. You have to install an associated app to get extension. Now for your app install you have your extension. They disabled by default only. There are many types of extension present for iPhone and iPad. You can use any one of them on your device. But you must have full information about the extension. Then you can use it properly. The other types of extensions are mention below. Here you can learn everything about these extensions.

Types of Extensions:-

There are 6 types of extensions in iOS 8. Apple also consider custom keyboard to be extension. But we cover them separately.


Action: It allows you to manipulate in a host app. This is vague type of extension. When we awoke an action. Then it allows us to modify content on the page.

Share: These types of extensions add new destinations to iOS 8’s share menu. Through this extensions you can directly share content to a website.

Storage Provider: Through this extension you are able to access and manage source of files. Dropbox, google drive are also a type of document type of extension. You can open files from your cloud storage in any app. remember that app that support apple standard file picker. Then save files to any cloud storage provider of your choice.

Photo Editing: This tool can function as photo editing extension. Through this extension you can edit photos and videos. Directly with in the photo app.

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Share Extension:-

If you want to access your share extension. Then tap the share button in any app. For example if you want to share any page to another app then tap on the share button. Firstly in the top menu the one that starts with mail, and message. Then scroll to the right side and tap the more button. Here you see a list of install share extensions.


enable the extension you want to use. and the disable the extensions you don’t want to use. In fact you can re order this list by touching the handles. Then tap on the done and your work is finish. Now the share menu will show you your favorite services. Then tap on them to share the content from current app. For example : Just tap on the pocket to save the current page to your pocket queue. 

Action Extension:

This extension is appear in the share menu. For example: In chrome the sharing services is contain by the first row of the share menu. scroll to the right side and then tap more for the customization. Now enable any install action from the list. In fact you can rearrange the list. like you can share extension.

Then tap on the done when you are finish. Now tap on the action button to use this extension. Tapping the last button will allow you to fill in passwords in password vault. directly in chrome you log into your vault if you logged out.

Above the all information about the app extension for an iPhone.



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