The best Anti-Virus for Windows 10

Hey guys, today i will to you something about Anti-virus. The best Anti-Virus for windows 10. Which you can use in your windows for safety. These are the best anti-virus as compare to other anti-virus. Here below the full information about the anti-virus.

best Anti-Virus:-

Anti-Virus is mainly used for the protection of your computer and your windows. Because there are lots of virus on internet. When you use internet on your computer. Then it enters in your PC.

best Anti-Virus

Then after some time your pc starts working slowly. This is due to the virus present in your pc. It may harm to your windows.

Some times the virus is too strong it may crash your windows. So anti-virus is the best solution to face this problem. There are lots of anti-vius present on internet. Some antivirus are open source and free to use.

But some are paid. Actually you have to pay some money if you want to use them. Most of the times the paid anti-virus is more good as compare to the freely available anti-virus.

Anti-Virus for Windows 10:-

There are lots of anti-virus present for windows 10. But here i will tell you the only anti-virus that is good for windows 10. These anti-virus helps you to protect your windows from the virus. Because virus can enters in your computer in any form.

best Anti-Virus

In fact it maybe in images, songs, videos, pdf’s etc. When you download any file from the internet. Than you have no idea that there is virus present in the file or not. Here Anti-virus does the work for you.

When you have a good anti-Virus in your PC. Than it scan each and every files present in your PC. After that it shows the result to you. It alerts you. When there is any virus present on your computer or laptop.


This anti-virus is very good for your window. Nowadays most of the virus are comes from best Anti-Virusadware, spyware and etc. You have to run this anti-virus along side. This anti-virus not only gives protection to your computer from malware. Also clean up all the junk files that are infected for your computer.

Don’t think that it only works on windows. There is a different version for mac. his anti-virus gives protection to your browser. If you are using any other anti-virus this time. Than no need to worry you can also use malwarebytes alongside. It gives double protection to your window and to your computer.

Windows Defender:-

best Anti-VirusIf you are using windows 10. Than you no need to worry to much about threads and all. There is a anti-virus program. That is automatically running. Window defender is built in windows 10. It protects your windows and your computer from the anti-virus. It gives protection.

When your windows is asking for updates. While updating your window it keep the virus outside your windows. But windows defender can’t stop the powerful virus to enter in your computer. Than you have to use a Anti-virus alongside with windows defender. It gives the double protection to your windows. Also helps for keep all the threads outside the PC.


Avira is on the top rated anti-virus. It has a good rating overall. It scores very good. This is a very good anti-virus if you are using windows 10. There is no doubt on Avira Anti-Virus Actually it helps the windows and computer for not get inflected by threads. It clean all the unsafe junk files from your PC.

Avira also protects your browser from the virus present on internet. When you browse some thing on internet. Than there is lots of chances that any virus comes with your browser and enter in your PC. You have no information about this. But avira does the work for you. It protects your browser. You can also run this anti-virus alongside with windows defender for the safety of your windows.

List of Anti-Virus you can use on Windows 10:
  • Avira
  • AVG
  • eset
  • F-Secure
  • avast
  • Panda
  • Quick heal

These are best Anti-Virus for windows 10. If you are using anyone of them on your pc. Than you have nothing to worry. There are the bestest Anti-Virus ever. In fact some of these are free available. You can download it directly from your pc.

best Anti-Virus


But some anti-virus are paid. You have to spend some money for the anti-virus like avast, Quick Heal etc. These are the paid anti-virus. These anti-virus protects your pc and your windows from the virus.

Above the full information about best Anti-Virus for Windows 10. You can use anyone of them. Protects your pc and windows from Virus.


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