Create a Website for free on Mac 2018

Hey people today i am here to tell you something about website. how to create a free website on mac. Here is the full procedure for creating a free website on mac. Actually you can create any type of website through this. Here is step by step full information about creating a site. So lets get started.


Yes you can create a site on mac. But before this you need to get some information about it. How this whole procured is works. Creating your own site is seems like so good. But its not easy for all to create a site on mac.


It depends on the type of website you want to build. Here we will you how to make a site on mac. Actually you can easily learn with this article. Before creating site you need some things like domain, hosting etc. You can buy this things online for many sites. After purchasing domain name and hosting do the procedure as it is given below.

Build a Website:-

Some things you need before you start create website:

  1. You need hosting for your site
  2. Designing of your site
  3. Domain name for your site

These are some very important things you need. After doing these things now you are ready to build a web site.

Host Your site:-

Web site needs hosting to a server. Now you are able to be shown to all peoples across the world. There are many ways to host your site but the easiest way is to rent space on a server. But you have to pay some money for this every month. There are many offers and some features added in it. Here is some web sites from where you can buy your own domain name and hosting.


Like Go daddy , Fat cow, 123-reg. These are the most popular web sites . From here you can buy anything which is good for your website. In fact there are many offer available here. You can choose your offer which is good for your site. First you have to pay some money for this. Than you are able to run your site.

Domain For your site:-

When you have done purchasing hosting and signed up. Than you have to purchase IP for your site. The internet protocol address is a series of four sets of numbers. These numbers are separated by periods. Actually you can reach your site easily by typing these IP address. But these numbers are not easy to remember so you can get a user friendly name like tech blog etc.


This is called a domain name. If you want to create your website on your own name than first go to the site from where you want to purchase the domain. Than type your name in the search option. Now the website will show you the results that your name is available or not. If your name is available than you can purchase it from there. Now You have to attach your name with the hosting. Actually here your half process is done. Now you have to do little more work for complete creation of your site.

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Design a Website:-

When you complete the registration of domain and hosting. Than put it together to your site. Actually you can put these together by using html documents. Now you have to design your site. This is so important work. You have to create a attractive and lite site. so choose a these which is so lite and easy to open. There are many theme on internet . You can use free themes but if you don’t like it.


Than you can purchase some themes for your site now select a good theme for your site. After applying theme download the word press from its official site. This is use to create a professional home page. In fact you can use word-press themes for your site. These are easy to install and freely available. Now the whole procedure is complete now you can add anything to your website.

The whole process is complete now you can create your own website.

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