How to Disable and rebuilt Windows search index

Hey guys, today we will discuss on the topic of disable and rebuilt windows search index. Here we give all step by step information about windows search index. The work about windows rebuilt and disable of windows search index. So lets get started.

Windows search index:

Search Index makes searching for files on your computer. But this process becomes slow down when the windows is indexes files. . There are some steps for this. A way to trim down the processor time. Indexing services uses by trimming down the number of files.

Search Index

Suppose if you don’t search on drive c. There us no need to indexing the thing. The search function for main document folder and start menu. Also you can real all the search locations. Where you can find various files types get indeed by advance option.

Disable Windows Search:-

If you are not using windows search. Than you can disable indexing. The work is done by turning off the windows search. Now the indexing of files stop. In fact you will still access to search anything. This process take more time if you search through your file every time.

Search Index

Actually if you want to disable search windows due to slowing things. Than you should go with trimming down what types of files getting indexed. In fact you should also note the other applications notable by Microsoft outlook. Now windows allow you to search with these types of applications. Now you no need to do fast searching. You can also use other search application.

Which helps you to find different types of files. Also you can disable your windows search option. It is very easy to disable the option of windows search. First you have to click on the services option. Than on the right hand there is option of services. you can find windows search entry by double click on it. Now in the drop down menu here ou have to select the disabled option.

Its work is prevent windows search from loading when you start your computer. Now click on the stop button and stop the windows and search service windows now. When the service is stop. now click on ok button. windows search option is now disabled. Windows will help you to remind offer to fix your perform searches.

Search Index

In fact if you want you turn on the windows search option. Now return to the services windows. Now change the startup type option to automatic. Click on the start service back up option. now you have the full step by step information about disable windows search.

Rebuilt Windows Search:-

If you are facing too much problem with searching unexpectedly not finding anything. Actually it should be indexed. Now the searches actually crashing. Now you have to complete the rebuild the search index. It will take time to rebuild but before you rebuild the index. In fact it will take time to trim down index location.

Search index

you need to make the process of indexing faster. Now open the indexing option by hitting start windows and type indexing option. After doing this click on the advance button. When entered in the advanced option. click on the rebuild button. Now windows rebuilds the index from the scratch.

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You can keep your computer normal. Actually the searching is continue to be spotty. It remains spotty until the index is rebuilt. When your computer is not being used then windows tries to indexing.

Search index


Actually it may best for you to rebuild the index before you going to turn on the sleep mode. Now the work is complete. In fact you have the full step by step information about rebuilt windows search index.

Above the full information about disable and rebuilt windows index. You should read the full article and learn.

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