How to Earn 2000$ every week by online job at home

Hey guys nowadays people’s are not satisfied with what they earn from their jobs. Today i will gives you some ideas of Online Job. How to earn 2000$ every week by online jobs at home. Many people’s in present time do some extra online work to earn more. Here below the full info about online jobs for better earnings.

How to get Online Job:-

There are many sites in which you can earn money by doing some work for them. In fact they will pay you more then your expectations. One of them is IndusViva. This is a Network Marketing system. Actually you can earn lots of money through this.


Indus Viva was a pioneer in internet Marketing business. This is launched by Indian Gov in jan 2014. They started their online work in india. This company committed to provide world class nutrition products. This company inspire you to move from success to significance. Online Jobs

Indus Viva is 1st indian company who got K-VAT registration. Via products are also developed by japan corporation. Viva income plans are designed as the guideline issued by the government. You can earn more than 2000$ with Indus Viva.

How it works:-

Indus Viva is a company who’s work is to sell Medical products. Actually the work of this company is sell their medical products in india and out side the india. In fact selling their their products out side the country is so profitable for the company. The main motive of the company is to be famous world wide.

This company helps you to make more than 8000$ every month. You can became rich in a few time. But you have to work hard for this. Helps company to sell their products every where in the world.

Requirements:- Online Jobs

  1. Identity Proof like PAN card etc
  2. Bank Account
  3. Social media
  4. little investment
  5. 3, 4 hour hard work
  6. permanent address

These are the requirements you must have before you start this online job. If you want to earn money then you have to fulfill all the requirements.

Start online job today:-

First you have to know how to work with this. You must have the little info about this online job.

First understand how Affiliate Marketing works. Then you have to buy any product from the affiliate marketing after making account on affiliate marketing. Online jobs

Actually what you have to do is purchase 4 and more than that products from the affiliate marketing. Then affiliate marketing gives you cash back of some money.

Now you have your own account. Now you can refers your account links to your family members and some friends. From now your business is starts working and for every sale you will get more than 1000. This is now easy for you to earn money by Online job.

Ways to Earn Money Fast:-

There are many ways to earn money in this online job. Here below some way to earn money.

Selling Profit. Seeling the product of the company to peoples is 1st step. For every sale to make you wil get commission for that means you will get some money for that. When you work hard and make many sales in a few time then company will give you some money as bonus.Online Job

But if you want that you want more money from company as bonus then you have to become member of the club. There is a team bonus too. When you bulit your own team. Then you will get commission every week. Whenever any member from your team make any sale then you will get commission for his sale.

Now you can imagine if you have more than 50 members in your team and 30 of them make sales everyday then you will get more than 300$. In fact you can earn more than 8000$ in a month without doing anything. Online Jobs

You members will work for you. This is going to be very profitable for you in future. Whenever the counting of your members increases then you can earn more and more money in every week.

Ranking is the most important part of the online jobs. When you have lots of members in Online Jobsyour own team. When your team is making more sales as compare to others. Then your rank is going to higher as compare to others.

You will get more commission for this. but if your team make less sales a week than your rank is going to down. It will effect on your earnings.


Indus Viva is a health science company. In fact they have only medical products. There are many medical products like Slim, coffee, charge etc.


This products help you to loose your weight. This product is comes in power format. Those people who are not happy with their weight and want to loose some weight than. This product is going to be best for you all. Online Jobs

This product will help you to loose 3 to 5 kg per month. There is no side effects of the products. Actually this product is made by our best experts. Here below our another product.


This Coffee is not same as our normal coffee. This coffee is for diabetes patients. Many people nowadays are suffered with this disease. But here is the solution. This coffee will help all the diabetes patient to fight with their disease. This is a very good product for diabetes patients.

Above all the info about the Indus Viva. How to use, how to work on this, how to earn through this. Everything is mentioned. Now your can start earning through this Online Job.


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