How to Earn 3000$ in a month by SEO Writing

Hey guys today i am here to explain you about seo writing. How you can earn 3000$ and lots of money through SEO writing. This is very easy and simple way to earn money at home by doing simple work for 2 or 3 hours a day.

What do you mean by SEO:-

Hey guys before get started into seo you must have a little knowledge about seo.

What is SEO?

Seo is Search Engine Optimization. When you go to google type this there and you got results in many pages. And you see there are lots of sites who gave information about the seo and every site have a particular keyword.This is due to seo. You can rank up your site using seo.

SEO Writing

What do you mean by SEO Writing:-

There are many thing things in the seo writing but the most important thing is content. SEO writing is content. You have to write a content that will easily understands by the search engines. Content helps your website or blog to get ranked in the search engine by the specific keywords.

You have to write lots of articles and all the articles are focusing on a special keyword tha keyword of the page you want to rank. The articles wrote by you get posted into different sites over the internet and then links get back the traffic to your site.
All you have to do is write a article that is related to a specific keyword.

How to Rank up your Site:-

The site ranking is the most important thing. Because if your site is on the top of the list then you can easily got traffic from the google and from many other sources.
Your site name is too important name your site that is focusing on a specific keyword. For example if anyone search for online work on internet. And this specific keyword is in your posts is available then your site is show on the top of the page and the people click on your site to got information about what he is looking for.

You have a find a perfect content you can also use keyword planner for this search the keyword on google keyword planner and he gives the perfect content about your search. There you can see lots of content related to your website. Choose a perfect content from there and create a site using that keyword.

How to Design & Content:-

You must have to design your site very well. It should be looks very good when some enters to your website. you have to impress that person by your designing.

Remember don’t use heavy things in use site keep it simple so people can easily enters in it without too much loading. You also have to create some pages like home page, About me, Contact me, Design etc.

SEO Writing

Lets get started with pages now:-
Home Page:-

Home page is the most important page on site. This is the first page that can seen by clients when anyone enters to your website. What you have to do in home page is write a information about your site. You have give reason to them to be there for long time and give reason to them for hiring you as a SEO Writer.

But if you think you have nothing to impress anyone. Then you have to get some more knowledge about it. Read all the articles and collect the information from there. But nowadays there are many things that you can highlights onyour page. You have to add some points like how we can help you etc.

Page of About Me:-

The about me page is also important here you can humanizing your business. This is very important and everyone have to know about your self and about your business many people ignore this page but you have to do it very well. You can also share your personal info here.

Explain everything how you get into this business, from where you got information about the seo writing and many other work. All you can see that is everyone is competing for keywords. You have to show the real you to your audience. You have to realize them that they with a real person.

Contact Me:-

You have give people a way to reach you easily. You can add a Contact plugin from WordPress through this people can easily reach you. They can reach you by emails, phone numbers, sms etc.

Seo Writing

Writing Samples:-

You have to check your Grammer and Spellings. your grammer and spellings must be perfect. Don’t put any simple mistake in your spellings. You can’t avoid this but if you going to avoid this you got disqualified. Remember never do this type of silly mistakes. And you have to writes more than 5 articles. You can write more as you want.

Some Tips about Writing:-

Your title should be of 2 to 4 keywords, and your introduction paragarph is of 80 to 100 words. And your summary is in 100 words. Your Seo article is not less than 500 words. You can write upto 800 words and more.

Now guys you a have enough information of Seo Writing. Now you can start your own work. Thankyou…

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