Earn Money from Website top 7 ways 2017

Hey guys. today i will tell you some ways to earn money from website. Nowadays people’s are making lots of money with their websites. Some people have more than 3 or 4 website. Now you can imagine how much they earn in a month. So lets get started with website.


Web site is a collection of wrold wide web files. Actually you can say this is a set of many web pages but under a unique domain. You can create your own website today. In fact there is lots of sites from where you can pick your domain name and hosting.

earn money

The sites like godaddy, wix, and many others. You can visit to any website and select your domain name and hosting. Actually there are many ways to make money with your website. Here below some ways to make money with your website.

You can earn lots of money by using these methods. These are the best way to earn money at home without doing too much work. In fact there is not a time limit. In fact you can work whenever you want. Only you have to work for 2 or 3 hours a day.

The top 7 ways to earn money from website are here below:
  • CPC ads
  • CPM ads
  • Ads
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Email advertising
  • Posts
  • Sell website

CPC ads:-

This is cost per click ads. Actually this is work by showing ads on your website. When any visitor visits your web site the ads shown to him. when he clicks on the ads you will get money for this. Now how to create ads and how to show it on your web site.

So here is the solution. Google adsense is the solution of your problem. Sign up with earn moneygoogle adsense and link your website with google adsense. It will takes some times for approval. When your account is approved on it. Then you can create your own ad with the help of google adsense.

When your process of creating ad is complete. Then copy this ad link and put it on your website. Now this ad is going to shown on your website. Now Whenever anyone visits your site and click on the ads you will get charged. This is the first way to earn money from website.

Ad price:-

earn moneyWhen you place ads on your website. Then you can set a flat fee for your ads. Now you can charge a fix money for your ads. By using this method you can earn more money. You can also buy and sell ads.

You can buy ads from the high ranked websites. It is going to be profitable for your website. After some time your website ranking is going to high. Then you can earn lots of money with your website.

CPM ads:-

Cost per mille ads is called CPM ads. CPM is depends upon the traffic. Actually how muchearn money traffic is on your website.

There are many CPM ads networks like Uber CPM or Buy Sell Ads or Radium One and many others. You can choose any one from these networks. Actually there are many ads which pays you for videos played etc. Actually you can earn money with CPM ads method.

Related Posts:-

earn moneyThis is a very important topic. If you put a bad impression with your ads. Than you will get spam. Now you can’t earn money from your website. To avoid this. Make your post that is diiferent from your competitors post.

If google found any copy write and any other links of other websites. Then your website will get spam. So you have to create your own posts. In fact you can take ideas from other peoples posts. After taking a idea make a post with different wording and explanation. Than you can able to make money.

Email Advertising:-earn money

Email advertising having two categories. One is content and the other one is ads. You can find that many of the peoples using same techniques. But you have to be different.

In email advertising every email send to a customer for email marketing. This helps the visitor to avoid the places in website if he is not interested in ads.

Affiliate Marketing:-

earn moneyAffiliate marketing is on the top of the marketing business. This is the easiest way to earn money. You don’t have to do lots of things in it. All you have to do is share someone product on the social media.

When someone buy the product from your link. Than you got commission for this. You can share lots of products. Than you got commission for every sale to made. Nowadays people earning lots of money through affiliate marketing.

You can also hire some peoples to share your product on social media and through many other ways. This is how to can earn money from affiliate marketing.

Sell Website:-

Yes you can earn lots of money by selling your website. First you have make a good website. Write some articles in it. When little audience is visits your site everyday. Then you can sell your website.

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Peoples are looking for website which are on higher rank. And have a lots of audience. You can earn lots of money by selling websites. You can start your website selling business today. Also earns lots of money through website selling.

Above all the ways to earn money from website. In fact you can start earn money today.

Thankyou guys….Goodluck.

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