Fix major 7 windows 10 problems 2017

Hey guys, today i will show you how to fix some major problem in windows 10. There are problems in windows 10. If you don’t know how to fix these problems. Than no need to worry here below full step by step guide to fix all problems. So lets get started.

Windows 10

This window is the latest version of the windows. There are lots of features in it. Actually this window is better than windows 8. But there are some problems in it.


We are here to solve all issue related to this window. The issues like the latest version of this windows is not upgraded due to some problems and many other problems. But overall this window is very good. There are lots of shortcuts present in it.

7 Major Problems:

  • Can’t upgrade to latest Version
  • Windows Update
  • Unnecessary Notifications
  • Privacy and Data
  • Enable System Restore
  • Default Apps
  • Slow Boot

Can’t upgrade to latest Version:-

A significant update in windows but many computers failed to install it. Type winver in start menu. In fact you can also try troubleshoot windows update. There is tool for this. The media creation download this tool to upgrade,


Now it is ready to install and doesn’t mention anything about update. Now check the installer for correct windows version to install. Don’t worry it doesn’t effect on your apps and data. Actually your data and settings remain untouched.

Windows Update:-

Nowadays peoples have reported issue about update. Windows 10 is creating update issue. Windows is not going to update easily. If you are getting problem. Than run windows update troubleshooter.


Then reboot it again. If the problem still remains. Than you need to check the system restored. You should see that many services was stop now open explorer and delete its contents including folders. Now reboot it and click for the update of windows.

Unnecessary Notifications:-

Action center is good way to view all your important messages related to your computer in windows 10. In fact here you can view all your notification like facebook notifications, social media, email etc. If you are not interested in all notifications. Than you can dismiss it from over eager apps.


Now action center only show you the important information. For this first open the settings, the navigate system, Now choose the notification and action option. Here you can turn off windows tips option. Also turn off the option of notifications. You can also disable notification per app. If you don’t want to receive any notification from specific.

Privacy and Data:-

First you have to use start menu to search and run the setting. Than click on the privacy option. Here you will see many areas where your computer share data and settings. Here you can allowing apps to use computer’s camera, microphone etc. If you are using windows defender.

Than choose the option of update and security. many peoples use wi fi sense. Here you get wireless network so easily. Wi fi sense results in sharing your network. hat is wireless credentials among devices. The devices you don’ control now allow a guest to log in. Configure your own device not to use Wi fi sense. In fact allow windows 10 devices to main network that is wireless.

Enable System Restore:-

The system restored is not enabled by default. We have to turn it on. First you have to create a restore point. In the start menu select this result. Now highlight the drive of system. Than click on the configure button.

Here turn on the system protection option. Actually set a small amount of disk space about 5 to 6GB. Turn off the option of windows 10 version upgrade. Than turn it on now your system restore is enabled.

Default Apps:-

Windows 10 has habit to oern files with the wrong default apps. Actually if you specially set certain types of files to open with the apps you want. Than it is automatically set with the windows default apps. The many default windows apps are related to third party. In fact they are very easy for fix.

First go to the settings and choose the category default apps. In fact here you change the settings of the apps. For example if there is 2 or 3 types of media players installed on your computer. Than the music is plays with the only player which you prefers here. Actually you can handle different applications here and change the settings.

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Slow Boot:-

Windows 10 is enable fast boot times. When you shut down your computer many apps are processes. It is very slow for windows 10 users. First go to power option. In the control panel app. Click on the option of power button.

Here you can change its settings. Turn on the fast start up option. Than save the changes. In fact your windows is work faster. Than it turn on and turn off so quickly. Actually the problem of slow booting is solved.

Above the full step by step information about windows 10 problems. In fact you are able to fix all the problems.

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