How to get some free space in Android

Hey people, today i will show you how to get some free space in android. If you are using android device and facing storage problems. Than here is the full solution for your problem. Here we give you full step by step information about free space in android. There are some ways in which you get some free storage space. So let get start.

Free up Space on Android:-

There are some ways in which you get some free up storage. but we are failed to find all those ways. If you want some space on your device. Than you need to start backup of all your data like photos, videos, files etc. This will help you to get some fee space on your device. You have to download some apps from the google play store. Like if you want to save your photos and videos forever than.


You should download google photos from the play store. In this application you can save all your photos and videos. Than delete these photos and videos from the device. This is the best way to save your device storage. First open the google photos application than go to the setting. Than select the option of back up of all the videos and photos from the device. Also now you can see your photos and video from any where. You no need to use the same device for seeing your photos and videos.

Google Drive:-

This is one of the best and very useful way to save your device storage. Google drive is most usable. In fact in this you can save anything. Like you can save your photos, videos, files, songs etc. In google drive you got a free space of 15 gb. If this is not enough for you. Than you can also increase this space to 100 gb. When you increase the space to 100 gb. Than you are ready to save anything in it up to 100 gb. But if you are not able to increase the storage.


Than there is a another idea for this. Google gives you 15 gb storage for one gmail account. But if you want some more space than you should make one more gmail account. Due to this you will get more 15 gb. The files which you save in the google drive, delete them from your device to clear some space. Google drive is the best way to save the device storage. You can sign up for google drive today. Its free to use forever. But if you want to use one account than spend some money to increase the storage to 100 gbs.

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Delete unwanted Files:-

You must check your device properly. There are lots of unwanted files are present on the android device. Find all those files and delete them permanently from the device. There are some applications. Which put some virus on your device.


Like you that in some applications. When you open them. Than they show some ads. These ads take some space on your device. To prevent this you should download some antivirus. That protect your device from the unwanted files. check your device and if you find some save ads on it. Than select all those files and delete them from your device. Also if there are lots of music and videos present on your device. and you are not listen to them.


Than you should delete them. In fact you have to clear cache’s everyday. When you internet on your device. Than its save history of your browsing data. You have to clear all history and cache’s. If you do this than you are able to free up some on your device. 

Above all information you need for the space up your android device.

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