How to grow more Traffic for your Blog or Website 2017

Hey guys today i am here to tell you something about how to grow more Traffic for your Blog or Website 2017. There are many things available on internet that helps you to grow traffic for your blog or website. Here below the information about how to grow traffic so fast for your blog or website.

Tips for promoting your Website:-

People go for the sites who exists on the top of the search page. Otherwise nobody knows where your site exists. There are millions and many more web pages are appears on internet everyday. There ae many tips and tricks that helps you to improve your search engine ranking. The little information is here below.


Tips to Grow more Traffic:-

There are many important thing you need to know if you want to grow more traffic for your Website or blog. The important things are like Content, E-mail, Domain, Title, SEO, and many more here below the info abou these check it out.


You have create a unique content for your website or blog. Search engine have a web robots that are used to check your content and keywords used in the website if your ste don’t have good content or keywords then your ranking wil decreased. Its also important that your site have a lots of web pages if anyone your competitor site have web pages more than you then their ranking is increased. Website

Suppose if your site is about selling products and you gave a full info about the products its uses and all. Then you have you put some content to your page that related to your product. Because every person that visit to your site is not a buyer. You must have to put content in all of your web pages.

One more important thing the search engine is pay close attention to the first paragraph so you have to put some good contents and good information in the first paragraph of the text. You can add some pictures in it. Picture that attracts people’s to stay on your site for long time. You have to put all this information on your site for free because nowadays people are expecting most of things for free.


Your domain name must be easy and simple. Do not go for large names make it short and good. Name that people can easily spell. One more thing your web page title is also important. You must have to give a good title name of your page. Don’t use more than 60 words try to keep it simple and best.



If you add option of e-mail to your page then reply to every email your received. You have to mention your web address in the emails to send.

Promote your site:-

Promote your site to search engines because nowadays google ranked the only site that have a good contents and have a lots of traffic. Submit your site to the search engine when it have lots of traffic and lots of good contents in it.


Backlinks plays a very good role for growing traffic for your website. Make lots of back Websitelinks.

But remember make backlinks with only sites whos rating is more than 1. Backlinks is a hyperlink that send traffic from one web page to your website.

Grow More Traffic Easily:-

If you want to grow more traffic to your website then you have to make your website popular. You have to create lots of posts that are related to most popular topic and don’t make your website heavy keep it simple and clean.


Earn from Website:-

Yes, You can earn lots of money with your website. All you have to do is when you have a lots of traffic your website then go for adsense. Make account on adsense and link your website with the adsense account. Then it takes some days for approval.

Your account get banned if your are not able to fulfill adsense terms and conditions. There are many terms and condition on adsense first visit the site google adsense. Collect the information about the adsense from there and go for it.

once your account is approved on adsense then create some ads through adsense and put it on your website. Whenever anyone visit your website they see a lots of ads there. If they click on anyone of them you will be charged for that.

When you have lots of traffic on your website then many visitor comes to your website everyday and clicks lots of ads and this is going to be profitable for you.


A your website traffic increases day by day you can make more money with that because once you made 100$. Then your CPC is going to increase. CPC means cost per click now you will got more money for every click,

but remember do not click ads by your self and tell your friends to visit your site and click on the ads. If you do this your adsense account is going to banned and you can’t make money anymore, so keep it in your mind. This is the full information step by step now you can go with it.


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