How can i install Windows on Mac

Hey guys, If you are using mac. Than this topic is for you. Install windows on your Mac without any problem. Here below the full solution for this step by step. So lets get started to learn about to install windows on Mac.

Windows on Mac:

If you are getting bored by using Mac for a long time. Than this article is for you. If you want to use windows. Than you don’t need to buy a another computer or laptop. Yes you can install windows on Mac with the help of boot camp.

install Windows

Boot camp helps you to install windows on mac without any problem. Now you can use both operating systems in a same PC. But one operating system at one time. Not both of the operating system at the same time. This is not possible.

You can use it separately. This is the best way to use both of the operating system on your Mac. You can install windows 8 or 10 on your Mac with Boot Camp.

Boot Camp:-

When you are going to use boot camp to your Mac for installing windows. Than you will need to know something before you install windows on mac. You need to partition of your drive. The storage on mac is expensive. When you want to use windows on Mac.

install Windows

Than every time you have to reboot your mac. And you have to reboot again when you want to use Mac operating system. This is not so easy but through this you are able to use both windows and mac on your pc or laptop. Now if you want to run some application of windows on your mac.

Than you have to use virtual machine. The virtual machine are like Virtual box, VMware Fusion etc. You can use these virtual machines if you want to run some windows application on mac. When you want to play windows games on mac. Than boot camp is the right choice for you.

install Windows

In fact many people using different ideas to run windows on Mac. but they are failed to complete this. The virtual box is the best virtual machine. it helps to increase speed of your mac running windows. You can also use parallel to load boot camp as a virtual machine.

Versions of Windows for Mac:-

You can use different versions of windows on Mac. It mainly depends on your Mac. Because some mac models support only windows 8. Some supports windows 10 and etc. But you can use windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10.

install Windows

You can use any windows from these on your mac. Like if your mac model is 2012 and above. Than you can install windows 10 on it. if you are using 2015 or 16 model. Than you can install windows 8.1 on it. If you are using 2014 model. Than you can install windows 7 on it. Remember one thing your windows must be of 64 bit.


When you are going to install windows on mac. Than you must need ISO file of installer. Actually you can download it from Internet. This is freely available. You must have a usb drive of 16 gb or more than that. This is for windows 7. There is not need of external dive for windows 10 or 8.

Install Windows on Mac:-

When you are ready for installation. Than first you have to back up your mac data before installation. Than you have to use boot camp application on mac. First open the boot camp application. Now the boot camp download some drivers for installation.

install Windows

Yes you can also resize your partition after the whole process is complete. When the whole work is ready. Than click on install and boot camp start downloading drivers for windows. Now copy the installer to partition.

Than Install all the drivers there. You can also use Mac during this process. Than your mac will reboot automatically and you see the windows installer.Now select the boot camp partition. Now windows will finish installing.

install Windows

Now the windows will ask you to connect to the internet. But now you can’t do this. you need some drivers for this. You can get all the drivers by boot camp installer. Now you are able to use internet on it. now your windows is completely installed on Mac and ready to use. Now you can use both Mac and windows but not at the same time. You can only use one at one time.

Above the full information about to install windows on Mac. Now you have full guide to install windows on Mac without any problem.


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