How to Jailbreak your Iphone and Ipad 2017

Hello people, today we discuss on the topic of Jailbreak your Iphone and Ipad. Here below the full information about Jailbreak. What is jailbreak, it reasons. Step by step guide is available for you. You should read the full article than you get knowledge about jailbreak your iphone and ipad.

Jailbreak your Iphone:

Jailbreaking is the process in which we remove restriction in IOS. It also allow root access to the IOS system. Through this you are able to run the softwares that is not allow or approved by apple. You can also install jailbreak applications.

Jailbreak your Iphone

Actually you can jailbreak all iphone models like Iphone 4, 5 , 6 , 7 etc. You can also go with latest guide of jailbreak your iphone. Where you get step by step information about jailbreak your iphone and ipad.

Reasons to Jailbreak:

  • Customizations
  • Enhanced Lock Screen
  • Tethering
  • Default Apps
  • File Manager
  • System Font
  • Extend Control Center


Jailbreaking your iphone also allows you to customize your IOS device. You can change your iphone look by installing some new theme in it. You can also transform your iphone into Android phone.

Jailbreak your Iphone

If you want to transform your iphone you need to install winterboard. It helps you to transform your iphone into android. In fact you can change apps icons and many other things. You can customize your iphone according to your choice.

Enhanced Lock Screen:-

Whenever you receive any message , mail, facebook and whatsapp notification. Than there tweaks like intelliscreenX ton for these types of notifications.

Jailbreak your Iphone

In fact it also add good way to quick reply to these types of informations from the lock screen. Also you can directly reply to your important messages.


There is a problem of money in iphone. Actually you have to pay if you want to use some apps.

Jailbreak your Iphone

But jailbreak app Mywi is going to helpful here. It allows you to tether your mac and your device data connection for one time charge.

Default Apps:-

This is the one of the biggest limitation of IOS. The lack of option to set your default apps. Don’t worry here is the solution jailbreak tweaks like Mapsopener.

Jailbreak your Iphone

It helps you to set google map as your default app on your iphone. Tweaks like browser chooser helps you to change default browser of your iphone and ipad.

File Manager:-

Tweaks like iFile offers a complete file manager for your iphone and ipad.

Jailbreak your Iphone

In fact it allows you to access device files like finder and etc on your mac. You can also edit text files and change many other things.

System Font:-

You can’t change your default system fonts. But jailbreak helps you here. Actually when you have done jailbroken your iphone. Than you are able to change your iphone’s and ipad’s fonts. You can set fonts of your choice.

Jailbreak your Iphone

Than tweak like byta font allows you to change the system fonts. You can change fonts in apps, in lock screen etc. You can install some new fonts styles also.

Extend Control Center:-

This is the control center which allows us to turn on and turn off 5 system toggles. Don’t worry if your iphone is jailbroken.

Jailbreak your Iphone

Than tweaks like ccsetting allows you to add some more toggles. You can add togles by your choice. Now you able to launch your favorite app from the lock screen.

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Step by Step guide to Jailbreak:-

Nowadays there are lots of tools to jailbreak your Iphone and ipad. You can jailbreak your iphone of any version. Also IOS firmware versions. For example if you are using iOS 10. Than Yalu jailbreak is the jailbreak for this version. you can use this if you want to jailbreak your iphone.

Jailbreak your Iphone
Like this if you are using iOS 9.1 than you can use Pangu jailbreak. For iOS 8.4 you can use Taig jailbreak. Version iOS 6.1 you can use Redsnow. For iOS 6 you can use evasion. iOS 5.0.1 you can use absinthe jailbreak.

There are the different jailbreaks for different versions. you can use the jailbreak according to your iOS version. Don’t use the jailbreak of other version. It maybe effected for your Iphone and Ipad.

Above the full step by step information about jailbreak your iphone and ipad. You can use these methods to jailbreak your iphone. First read these this article properly.

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