How to Memory Compression on Windows 10

Hey guys, today i will show you how to do memory compression in windows 10. Here is the full step by step details about the memory compression. How this procedure works. Everything about windows 10 its features, upgrade etc. Here below the full information about memory compression in windows 10. It is very easy and simple process. So lets get start.

Memory Compression:-

In windows 10 memory compression is used to store more data in system’s memory. You can visit the task manager and check your memory usage details. Than you see that there are some memory that is compressed. This is a new feature in windows. In fact this feature is not available on other windows.

Memory Compression

Even mac os uses the mermory compression. For example if you had 4 gb of ram and application had 5 gb of stuff to store in ram. Than 1 gb would have to page out. Now with the help of memory compression some of 5 gb of data can be compressed by this. In fact it is just like xip file. You can also compress 3 gb of data and than it takes 1 gb of ram. This means that you can store 5 gb of data in your 4 gb of ram.

Memory Compression

There are some down side of this feature. While compressing and uncompressing the data it takes the cpu resources. Thats why the all data is compressed. Remember it only compress data when it is necessary. It also take some time to compress and uncompress data.

Memory compression fact:-

There is a one question in everybody mind that this is good or not. Actually this is better than alternative. Which page data out of disk. There is no downside of this. Actually windows will automatically compressed data. This is a very good feature of this. In fact it use some cpu resources. Due to this your system is not perform as fast as it would be.

Memory Compression

Compress memory feature reduce the speed of your cpu. If there is no memory available for the application usage than compression memory is the best option. Some peoples think that this is a bad choice to use memory compression. But they are wrong this is the best option if you don’t have enough ram to run application and other works.

Compressed Memory details:-

If you want to see that how much memory is compressed. Than you need to use the task manager. You can open task manager by pressing ctrl+Alt+del. When you press these keys task manager is shown on the computer screen. There are some option in the task manager. But you have to choose the more details option.

Memory Compression

Actually this option is present on the bottom of the window. Now click on the performance tab. Here you have to select the memory option. Here you can see that how much memory is compressed. Actually here you can see all performances of your computer system. Like how much ram is in use. How much hard disk is fill.

In fact here you can see that how much storage left on your computer. The details about all the running application on your computer. Also you can close some application here. The information about each disk is available here. If some application is creating problems than you can close those applications from here.

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Windows 10:-

When the windows 10 is release. Than the compression store is in the system process. Thats why it consume more memory. After some time microsoft change the way of work. Now the compressed memory is not display on system process. In fact it display under memory details. The system process is using high memory.

Above all the information about the compression memory. How you can compress data and etc. Here is the full step by step information. It is very easy and simple process.

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