How to install Apps on Mac -2017

Hey guys, Today i will give you full information about how to install any types of Apps on Mac. There are lots of apps you can’t install on your mac. But today i will tell you step step the whole process to install apps on mac. You must read this full article to get the information. So lets get started.

Apps on Mac:

There are many problem comes out. When to install any app on mac. if your are switch to Mac OS from windows. Than there is a mac app store. You can install apps from there.

Apps on Mac

but not all the apps. There are different types of installers like PKG installer etc. Here below the methods to install apps on mac without any problem.

Clean my Mac (Low Disk Space):-

Mac are on the top due to their quality and features. But there is only one problem they gave a small hard drive. That is filled up so quickly. Here is the solution for this. Clean my mac is the best option to face this problem.

Apps on Mac

There are lots of junk files, hidden files, etc. These files filled to much space of your hard drive. But this app clean my mac helps you to clean all those files from your mac. This app is also used for to clean up your system plug-ins. Clean up files after uninstallaion of apps on mac.

PKG Installers:-

When you come across pkg files. Than some times it will be under dmg. In fact you can download it directly. Otherwise you need to run the pkg file by double click on it. The interface is same as windows installation.

Apps on Mac

This is a very helpful installer. Installer can do lot of things that drop installers can’t do. The things like putting files anywhere on the computer. When to complete the app installation process. Than you can delete this files from you mac. This application is going to be so helpful for you if you are using mac.

Drag and Drop:-

There are lots of apps your can’t install through app store. Than peoples use DMG files to download the apps. Many Mac OS apps are download from outside. First open the dmg file. A finder window is opens now here you see the some form of arrow shortcut the app folder.

Apps on Mac

Than drag the file to application folder and your work is done here. Don;t put your programs in application. You can run them from anywhere. Like peoples create directory of music, videos, games etc to keep separate them from other application.

You can put anything here with any problem. Dmg files are mounted but when you have done installation. In fact you can remove the dmg file in finder. Now you don’t need this file any more.

Mac App Store:-

Peoples used app stores on phone, mac book etc. Open the app store application and search for app you want. Than install it on your device. This is so simple. When you download any application on your device. Than it is show up on your apps folder. All the updates are handled by the app store.

Apps on Mac

If you purchase any application don’t think that it only work on your mac. It works on another mac too. There are lots of apps you want to install on your mac. but you are failed to install because app store doesn’t have all the apps you want. The app store is under high security.

There are only limited apps on the app store. Also a problem of money. There is price tag on some apps. you have to pay for the app. If you want to install that app on your mac. Due to this reason many companies avoid Mac app store.

Third Party App store:-

Mac app store is not only the app store for mac. There is also a third party app store. It offers a mac version to install any apps on mac. There are also many other app stores like setapp. In fact this app store offers to install unlimited apps fro your mac.

Apps on Mac

You have to pay some money to take advantage of this offer. This app stores are also work like the mac app store. But these store have more free apps than mac app store. You can directly download the app from these stores.

Above the full step by step information about how to install apps on mac. Good luck


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