Install Chrome OS and turn it into Chromebook on PC

Hey guys, today we are going to discuss on the topic of chrome OS. And how to turn chrome into chromebook on your computer. Here below the full step by step information to do this. In fact here is the full solution for converting chrome into chromebook on your computer. This procedure is very simple and easy. You can easily learn from here. So lets get started.

Chrome OS into Chromebook:-

Yes you can convert your old computer into chromebook without any problem. Don’t depend on google because it doesn’t provide any official builds of chrome for chromebook. But there are many ways to do this work.

Chrome OS

In fact you can install open source chromium. OS software. You can directly download these software in your computer and install them. These are open source and free to use.

Chrome OS:-

Actually chrome os software is made for the chromebooks. Also these are designed to be simple and easy. Don’t think that chromebook are made for chrome. They are just a simple operating systems for the computers. Remember one thing that this operating systems is not for all the computer systems.

Chrome OS

This operating system is works with some types of computers. In fact chromebook is work perfectly with chrome operating system. If you are using old computer than you get a new browser operating system. It is mainly used to run windows xp. But you can use it on any windows.

Chromium OS:-

The chrome operating system is built on open source project. And name of the project is chromium. Actually google doesn’t allow to install chromium operating system. Any company who takes the open source code can creates cloud ready. The cloud ready is a chrome operating system. But there some new features added to it.

Chrome OS

Never ware sells it directly to businesses that wants to run chrome operating system on their computers. It offers a free version of cloud ready. Actually it is modifie to work on existing computers. Google add some extra features to chrome operating system. In fact it has ability to run android apps. Chromium is not the official version of chrome operating system.

Actually it is automatically update to newest versions by never ware. In fact it also maintain the list of official supported devices. Don’t worry if your computer is not appear on the list. It also work very well with your computer. You will want to try never ware before installing it on your computer. If you want to do this. Than you need a usb drive of 16gb and a computer with chrome installed. When you try never ware. Then you will realize that it works very well on the computer.

Linux Desktop:-

Actually google official support chrome on linux. It also work very well on linux. You need a minimal desktop where you can run chrome operating system. You can also use other browses like firefox, opera etc. First you have to download and install the open source version of chrome operating system.

Chrome OS

Install a linux distribution with lightweight desktop. If you are looikng for some lightweight linux desktops than lubuntu is a great option. You can choose lubuntu without any problem. Linux distributions make a great choice when you want a basic desktop. You can also upgrade your old computer with running windows xp and etc. In fact you can watch netflix in chrome.

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If you are afraid of hacking problems than no need to worry. It is also easy as never ware cloud ready. First you need to create bootable usb drive. Than you can try linux environment. You can also run linux on modern computers.

Above all the information about chrome operating system into chromium. How you can convert this without any problem. Here is the full step by step guide.

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