Instantly Find files on Flash Drives, DVD’s 2017

Hey guys, today we are going to discuss on instantly find files on Flash drives and dvds etc. If you want to know how to find files on these. Than you should read the whole article to get full step by step knowledge about this. Here below the step by step guide. Lets get started:

Flash Drives:

Flash drive is also known as USb drive, pen drive etc. It helps you to store data. Actually this is a storage device. Flash drives are rewritable. Flash drives are same as floppy disks, cds etc. But its storage is more than that.

Flash Drives

Usb drives are mainly used by operating system like Windows, MacOs etc. It consists of a small circuit board. Flash drives draw power from the computers. When it is connected via usb. USB drives are used by most of the computer users.

Find Files:-

When you stored any file on your computer. Than it is easy to find. There are many tools for finding files like void tools. This tools helps to find file whatever you are looking for. When you start working with multiple drives, dvd’s etc.

Flash Drives

Than it become difficult to find files. If you are depends on the lighting fast local search tool. Than it is not easy to find file you are looking for. You need a very good tools. Who works for you very well without any problem. Here i will show you everything from network share to flash drives.

You won’t have to force window to jump through indexing hoops. You are going to work with dead simple searching. This tools is by default on your windows. Tool is not working properly. There are many problems in it. This very slow and takes lots of time to find your file. Most of the time it is fail to find the right file you want.

Flash Drives

You should go for some other searching tools. Which helps you to find the right file. There are lots of searching tools available on internet. Actually you have to choose the good one. Than you can able to find files on flash drives and dvd’s without any problem.

Some important Things:-

  • Cathy
  • CathyCmd
  • Access to disk which you want to index


A simple and free tool available for you is cathy. It is created in 1990’s. First you have to download cathy. Than extract this file to safe location. Now you have to install this ile on your computer. In fact you can direct download it from the internet.

Flash Drives

If you got a error message. Than its mean is you need to grab microsoft visual. You can download the 32 bit and 64 version of microsoft visual from the internet directly. Its easy to install. Now you have to create a catalog like drive, disk etc. Here below some sources for search convenience.

The some of the sources are Hard drives that is removable. DVD’s, Flash Drives etc. WhenFlash Drives you start the work by creating catalog for file location. Than we are going to start indexing. If it can’t find files on machine. Than it will find it on office server. You can create your first catalog by click on the catalog tab.

When it starts indexing. The location where your all important softwares are installed. You can also edit volume level. The volume level in cathy is specific catalog created by cathy. It makes the volume level to remind the points at office server.

You have to remember one thing. Actually anything that sen by your computer can be indexed. In fact when you index large number of files. Than it will take found cathy index of many files in some seconds.

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Catalog Updating for Drives:-

Now you learned about the create cathy and etc. Here we talk on the catalog updating local drives. There are some steps you make to your cathy. In fact it improve your experience. Helps to keep everything up to date. When you use cathy to search drives.

Flash Drives

Than it set up a process to update directories. When we are going to use CathyCmd. First you have to create a txt file. Create few line in the text. In fact cathy will read this from script. When you save the script if you have done editing. Run the script by CathyCmd.exe When you got success. Here the reference of new file is locates.

Above the best way to use cathy. Now you learned everything about Flash drives, cathy, etc.

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