Iphone 8 all features and Release Date 2017

Hey guys, today we are going to discuss on Iphone 8 launch, its features and release date. Recently apple launched Iphone 7 and 7 plus. Now they decided to launch Iphone 8. his smart phone is going to be number one. Here below all the features and release date of Iphone 8. How this is different from apple 7.

Iphone 8:-

Apple is prepares to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Iphone. On this occasion they decide to launch their new product. So Iphone 8 will be launch in September.

iphone 8

Its features are totally different from other versions. Its ram , processor, battery, camera etc. All the features are going to be increased. Here below the full information about its features, its release date and price etc.

Release Date:-

Apple is prepares to celebrate 10th anniversary of Iphone. On this day they decide to launch their new Iphone 8. The smartphone is launched in September 2017. In fact everyone is waiting for this. This is going to be the best than ever. Actually this smartphone is different from others. Company add lots of features in it.


Iphone 8 is the inclusion of all glass OLED display. This screen will be curved. The display of this smartphone is so good as compare to others. Its passed all the drop tests and etc. Display is not easily broken. But the size of the iphone 8 is nearby or equal to iphone 7 and 7 plus.

Iphone 8

Actually its design is change from the iphone 7. Its edges are shaved off by removing bottom and top bezels. Its display is little larger than the iphone 7. There is very good and unique feature added to this display. The finger print scanner. You can unlock your iphone by put your finger on the display of your iphone 8. This is a new features. Except this no smartphone allows this feature.


The models of Iphone are little costly. The recently released model Iphone 7 price is 950$. In fact the price of the Iphone 8 is near about 1500$. Which is little high. Its means that not everybody effort the new iphone. There are different prices for different models.

Like If you want to buy 32 gb than its price is low than others. In fact the price of 256 gb model is so high. This iphone model is expansive than other models. If you are not able to pay the full payment at the same time. You can also pays emi. Than it become easy for you to buy new iphone 8.

Hardware and Specifications:-

The Iphone 8 will be launched with iOS 11. Recently apple used quad core processor in apple 7 and 7 plus. The ram of the 7 and 7 plus model is 2 gb. But this version is shipped with 3 gb ram. Which is too good for the user.

In fact this version is starts with the internal storage of 32 gb. You can buy up to 256 gb of internal storage models. Now the company is working on its own graphics chips for this version. But this technology is comes within the next two years. This version is going to be so fast as compare to its old versions.

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Finally apple support for the feature of wireless charging with this version of iphone. You can charge your iphone within the range of 15 ft. They also give the option of wired charging. In fact iphone 8 keeps lightning connector than the usb c.

Iphone 8

Actually its battery backup is also increases. Now no need to carry your charger with you. Its batter life is more than the other versions. It can easily spent one day. This is a very good news for the apple lovers.

Above all the information about the apple Iphone 8. All its features, price, battery, display, details. You should read the article and get information about this new version.

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