iPhoneX all new features and details

Hey people, apple launch his new smartphone iPhoneX. Recently apple launch iPhone 8 and than after little time they decide to launch smartphone iPhoneX. Here is the full information about the new smartphone. Also you can also learn all new features of iphone x and if you have any problem with this product than here is the full solution for this. Let get start:


Apple launch his new iPhone name with iPhone x. They said that this is not just a smartphone. In fact this is more than that. This phone is different from other iPhones. Recently apple launch his 8th version.


This is also a very good product and there are some new features in this version. But in X this is totally different from others. There are lots of features in it. This is a 10th anniversary of apple. In fact this is made by the California based company. apple ceo said that this is biggest leap forward. Here below the all new feature details of this iPhone.

Release Date and price:-

This smartphone us going to release on November 3 2017. But now you can prebook your smartphone and you can get your phone after is releases. There are some problems you can’t buy a new smartphone directly. You can book your smart phone on many sites like amazon etc.


The price of this smart phone is more than the other iPhones. This is not easy for all the persons the but this smartphone. its price is near 1300$. Which is not compatible for all the people to but this iphone. The lowest price of this smartphone is 1000$. But if you can wait than its prices are going to down after some time. Than you can buy this smart phone for 800$. But for this you have wait for short time.

Design if IphoneX:-

This iPhone is little bigger than the other versions. But its display is smaller than plus phones. This phone is easy to hold. Now this phone is come in two color only. In fact this is a water resistant. There is no effect of water on the phone. In fact you can operate this phone under water. This thing make this phone different from others. Actually this phone have a 5.8 inch edge to edge display.


This iPhone is so lighter than others. Its height is 5.6 inch and width is 2.7 inches. The weight of this iPhone is 174 grams. Which is so lighter than other smart phones. The design of this phone is so unique and so pretty. you surely going to like this phone. Its looks are also amazing. This iPhone is so easy to hold in one hand. In fact its looks dashing from the back side. This iPhone is so nice as compare to the other versions.

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Features and Details:-

There are lots of features in this smartphone. Like this phone is water resistance. Its display size is bigger than the other smartphones.┬áIt has a 5.8 inch OLED display. Its lacks bezel on the top and missing the home. Or replace them with the screen. Like other smart phones it doesn’t have curved display. You can also play 4k videos on this smart phone. which is not possible for the other smart phone.


You can also enjoy the 3d touch. The new version iOS 11 is retooled for this iPhoneX. Its means there little more features in this smart phone. In fact there is no home button in this smart phone. you an control all the things through the display. There is no need of any button in the phone. The display covers all the space of the buttons. You can also do multitasking in this. Wireless charging is also available ob this.

If you want to open the control center than slide your finger down from the battery icon. Also swiping from the top to left side than you can see the iOS 11 control center. This feature is totally new to iPhone. There is a feature of touch ID. Means you can unlock your smart phone by touching on the display. All this features are different from the other iPhones.

Above all this important information about IphoneX is given.

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