Jailbreaking Iphone & Rooting Android who is better?

Hey people, Today we are going to discuss on Jailbreaking Iphone and Rooting Android. Both are the best in their own way. but here we tell you to choose the good one. We tell you everything about both jailbreaking Iphone and rooting android. So lets get started here below the step by step guide.

Rooting and Jailbreaking:

There is long debate among Android user and Iphone user is that which one is more good. A rooted android phone and Jaillbroken iphone. Both of them are little bit same. The main motive of jalibreaking and rooting is same. When you jailbreaked your iphone.

Rooting and Jailbreaking

Than you are able to do some changes in your iphone. You can install some apps that is not approved by apple. Same motive of rooting. When you rooted your android device. Than you are able to change device default apps. You can also remove the default apps to clear some space on your device. The work of jailbreaking and rooting is same.

Common Things:-

Rooting of android device and jailbreaking of iphone is same thing. The difference in between both of them is their operating systems. We do rooting and jailbreaking for modification of our devices.

Rooting & Jailbreaking

Rooting of android is more difficult than jailbreaking iphone. Android rooting is so time consuming but jailbreaking iphone is so easy and takes some few steps. It doesn’t takes too much time. In fact it is possible to root so many android devices.

Actually jailbreaking tools are only for latest iOS. Rooting and jailbreaking is best for android and iphone users. Through this you are able to install third party apps on your smart phone. When a new iOS is released. Than it becomes more difficult to jailbreak it.

Jailbreak Iphone:-

Jailbreaking iphone is all about break the rules made by apple. You can customize your iphone like the way to want. Actually you can make any changes on your iphone. When you use the default iOS version. Than you have to follow all the rules.

Rooting & Jailbreaking

In fact if you want to install some apps on your iphone. Than you have to pay some money for this. Also you can’t install third party apps on your iphone. Nowadays jailbtreaking is going to more difficult for the latest versions of iOS. It is not easy to jailbreak your iphone with latest version.

Most of the iphone users use the tweaks like cydia. This is for customization of your iphone. You can also add some new features on your iphone. Like you can change font style, theme etc. You can remove some default apps to clear some space on your iphone.

Jailbreaking of an iphone is not difficult process. It is very easy and takes veru few time to complete. There are some steps for jailbreaking. Many tools are there for jailbreaking your iphone.

Root Android:-

Rooting of android device is so benifitable. If your device is rooted. Than you can do anything with it. You are able to remove some default apps. In fact you can change rom of your device. Through this you are able install third party apps on your android device.

Rooting & Jailbreaking

It is difficult to root your android device with latest version. But don’t worry the custom rom for nougat is available now. You can install it to your android device by rooting. No need to pay money for this.

Also all the apps are free to install. You can also change your android theme to look like iphone.  In fact you can enjoy with some extra features. The process of rooting and jailbreaking is same but rooting is more difficult.

Rooting & Jailbreaking

You have to follow a procedure for this. Than you are able to root your android device. Here is the full procedure for rooting of your android device.

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No Need to Update:-

Common downside of Rooting and Jailbreaking is you no need to update your softwares. You no need to update your rooted android device and jailbroken iphone. Actually you are free now. You can enjoy your new services. Customize your device like the way you want.

Above the full information about Rooting and Jailbreaking. You must read the article and learn. The full guide step by step you have to follow the steps.

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