Major difference between Chrome and Chromium

Hey guys, Today we are going to discuss on the topic of google Chrome and Chromium. These two are the browsers. But both are different from each other. There are many features in both of the browser that is totally different. Here below the full detail about the browsers.

Chrome and Chromium:

Google chrome browser and chromium both are same little bit. but chromium forms the basis of chrome. In both of them google chrome is introduced first.

Chrome and Chromium

And after that chromium is released. Chromium is open source browser project. This project is handle by chromium. On the other hand chrome is handle by google. The both of the browser are very good in working and use by millions of peoples. These browsers works very well, peoples having deep faith on these.

Major difference between Chrome & Chromium:

The both of the browser are same in work. but there is difference between these. There are some features which makes it different from each other. The major difference is chrome is based on google chromium.

Chrome and Chromium

Google added lots of features to chrome like support for additional videos, updates, etc. In fact chromium is open source. Easily available on internet. You can download it for free. Chromium operating system is basis for chrome OS.

Actually this operating system runs on the chrome books. Also a very good operating system easy to use. There are also lots of features in it.


Google chrome is also based on the chromium. But there is lots of features that chrome has but chromium doesn’t has any. There are lacks of features in chromium browser. Like Mp3 support: chrome includes licensed codes for this feature. Chrome supports mp3 and uses html5 videos to stream.

Chrome and Chromium

Both of the browser includes the basis system like free codes, wav, vp9 etc. There are many other features also. The feature like Google Update: If your using mac or window. Than the chrome application is automatically keeps the chrome browser up to date. you Chrome and Chromiumdon’t need to do anything. It works bt itself. But if you are using linux.

Than there is a tools for this work. Error reports: chrome gives you the full reports about any error or about crash. It helps you to find the error easily and fix it.

Security sandbox: If you are using linux. Than it may disable chromium sandbox security system. This is notice by the google. Now you want to enabled the sandbox security. The sandbox security is the one of the best feature in chrome.

Adobe flash: There is API flash plug-in the google chrome. Use the most used version of the flash on linux. In fact if you are using windows or mac.Chrome and ChromiumThan it is going to be best of using the modern flash player. Adobe flash latest version is available on the adobe official website.

In fact you can directly download it from there. Adobe flash player is one of the best flash player. This is easily available. In fact this is easy to use. If you never used it before. Than don’t worry you can easily learn.


Chromium is also same as the chrome. Actually if you are using linux. Than you can get it for free. You can directly download it from linux software repositories. In fact you can download it by opening ubuntu software. Than search for google chromium. After that you can install chromium form there.

Chrome and Chromium

Linux software repositories also keeps the chromium up to date. you don’t need to do this work by yourself. In fact if you are using windows. Than there is not error report feature found in chromium. If you want to enable this feature than crash report wills send to google.

In chrome is feature is present. Actually in linux if you want to modify chromium. Than linux distributions modify its code before giving to you. In fact chromium have many features that directly depends on google. These features are enabled by google. Like google anti phishing features etc.

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Crash reports features is found in google Chrome and Chromium doesn’t has this. Chrome and ChromiumChromium doesn’t has the feature of user metrics but chrome has. Actually this features gives you the information about how to use each part of browser.

Chromium include many features that depends on the servers of google. The services like fix mistyped , automatic prediction and many other feature. Chrome has the feature of crash error reports. This is a very good feature found in chrome and Chromium doesn’t.

Above the full information about Chrome and Chromium, its features etc. Now its you choice which one you want to use.

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