Make Money Online with Micro blogging Sites 2017

Hey guys, today i will give full step by step information to make money online with Micro blogging sites. People’s making lots of money online by using micro blogging sites. If you have a blog. Then you might know some micro blogging sites. How to make money with them.

Micro blogging Sites:-

Micro blogging sites are related to blog. But these asites are focused on unique topic. Whose work is to generate traffic for that blog.

Micro blogging

Actually Micro blogging sites are used to promote a unique product or brand. This is as same as blog but based on single topic. There are many opportunities in it. The topic which is in trend nowadays is how to make money online at home.

This is a which is running very good as compare to other. First you have to make a blog on how to earn money online at home. Another one is how to earn money from PTC sites. You have to explain everything. How to start work on it, how to get payments etc.

There are lots of peoples who search for how to make money online at home. In fact no need to work hard. Work for 2 or 3 hours a day. Whenever you want to work. There is no time limit for this. You can work any time not matter its day or night. You can start your blog today.

Start a Micro Blog:-

First you have to select a unique content for your blog. You can research keywords on google keyword planner. You have to write a perfect content that relates to your keyword and many other things to do. Here below the all information step by step.

Unique Niche:-

Niche is the most important work before your start Micro blogging. You have to find a unique and perfect niche for your blog. You can search on internet and see the list of top niches worldwide. Micro blogging

In fact you can take help of the google algorithm to rank better of your blog. when you choose a perfect niche for your blog. Than you can go for google adsense. Sign up on google adsense and link your blog with the google adsense. You can make money with google adsense.

You have to pick a topic that is famous in Usa and many other big countries. In fact you can choose countries like Landon, Canada etc. Because the cpc is higher in these countries. Actually you can make lots of money through these countries.

There are many famous niches nowadays like free mobile recharge, free coupon codes for shopping, free rides etc. You can pick any topic from these and make blog related to these. Start a Micro blog today and hits the search engine ranking.


Micro bloggingActually your blog rank is based on keyword. If you want a good rank than you have to choose a good keyword. In any case you don’t find any good keywords. You have to search for good keywords but if you fail to find one don’t worry. Here below the solution for your problem.

You can take help of the google keyword planner. Sign up with google adword and go to the option of google keyword planner. You have to choose that keyword which are in demand. Keyword that have high cpc and lots of searches on it. Now you can find your keyword and start work.


If you want that people visit your sites everyday.than there should be a reason for this. The reason is content. Your content is must be related to whatever people looking for nowadays.Micro blogging

Your content must be good and unique. If you want that your article attracts people’s to visit your blog. Than your content must be good. Above i give you the example of coupons and free recharge online.

Than your content must be related to these. Than you can attracts audience to visit your blog. When lots of people’s statr visiting your blog every day. Than this is going to be very profitable for you.

Marketing & Monetizing of Micro blog:-

Micro bloggingThis is a very important part of Micro blogging. Actually it helps you to make money online at home. Your blog must be perfect optimized. There must be lots of good quality contents in it.

Finally When your blog is ready. Than you can promote your blog through social media. You can take help of facebook, twitter, etc. You can make pages on facebook related to your blog. Micro blogging

In fact you can make group related to your blog and add lots of people in it. So it will become easy for you. To generate traffic for your blog. There are many other ways to generate traffic.

You can take help of the bing ads. Target your audience from usa, uk etc. Than you can make lots of money with your blog. You can also make back links. This is the permanent solution for traffic. Make lots of back links everyday for your blog. Than you can earn more from your blog everyday.

Above all the information about Micro blogging. Now to start just follow it step by step. Than you can start make money online at home. For more works and online jobs to earn money check our other articles.



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