Recover Deleted files on Mac and Iphone, Ipad 2017

Hey guys today i will show you how to recover deleted files on mac and iphone, ipad. Here is the complete solution for this. In fact we will tell you the whole procedure step by step. Here below the full solution for recovery of files in your iphone, ipad and mac. Lets get start.

Mac and Iphone, Ipad:

When you lose files on mac and iphone, ipad. Than no need to worry. In fact you can easily recover the deleted files. This is a very simple and easy process. Actually here is the full guide to recover the deleted files on mac and iphone, ipad.

Mac and Iphone


In fact here is the full solution. You can recover your files by using methods on your mac and other apple product. Also you can recover your deleted contacts, music and folders.

Recover Documents:-

If you want to recover a deleted document in mac than it is a very simple and easy process. When you delete something on your mac than it automatically goes to rubbish bin. Now click on the trash icon and you found the all deleted files here. Now choose the file you want to recover and than click on the option of recover file.

Mac and Iphone

Remember one thing if your think that everything you delete can be easily recover from the rubbish bin. No when the hard disk of your mac is full than it starts delete files from the bin without your permission. In fact there are many tools for the recovery of files and folder. The tools like time machine backup and etc. You can use this tool for recovery of your files and documents.

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Recover Deleted music Files:-

Music files are mainly managed by iTunes on mac. This app shows all the music files stored in the computer. Actually when you delete any music file from your computer. Than it goes to trash folder. When you delete file from iTunes than it is still in the iTunes. You can again find this file. Just go to the trash folder.

Mac and Iphone

There you can see your deleted file. You can also find your file using finder. But when the file is removed from the folder and delete from finder. Than you can find it from trash. You can restore music files to itunes. Actually if you purchased any song from the itunes. Than you can recover it from the store without any problem on mac and Iphone.

Deleted Photos recovery:-

When you click any photo from your iphone and ipad. Than it automatically goes to the photos app in iOS. If you delete a photo from the iphone. But now you want it back. Than there is a very easy and simple procedure for this. First go to the albums at bottom of the screen. Here you see the folder named with recent deleted.

Mac and Iphone

Tap on this folder. Here you see your all deleted photos. In fact you can restore your all deleted photos from here. Same thing is apply on the mac. You can restore your photos from the rubbish bin in mac. But there is a one problem. If the memory of your iphone and ipad is full. Than it automatically delete photos from the recent delete folder. Now you can’t do anything for restore photos.

Deleted Files:-

When you purchased music from the store. Now if you lost the music than no need to worry. You don’t have to pay again to get the same music. When you sync it with itunes. The music is automatically re download. For contacts. When you delete any contact from the Mac and Iphone than you can get it back by tap on the undo delete card.

Here is the complete solution for the recovery of your delete data and files on Mac and Iphone, Ipad.

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