How to Root your Android device 2017

Hey guys, today we are going to discuss on the topic of root. If you are using android. Than you should know everything about android. How to root android everything relate to this. You can root your android and add some new features in your smart phone through rooting. Here below the full information about rooting of android.


If you don’t know anything about rooting. Than i will give you full information step by step. Rooting is act of obtaining access to folders location and commands etc. Actually you are android user. But now after knowing rooting you become a administrator.



Now you can make any changes on your smart phone like the apps you don’t want the default apps. you can remove all the apps that is by default. You can free more space on your smart phone. When you root your android device. Than you can install and run applications.

You can also remove application installed by manufactures. Root is also needed when you want to change the things like fonts, add new features. The method require to root your device is very simple and easy. In fact you can easily root your device. Before we get into the details.

Method of Rooting:-

There is always a question comes out that is rooting ligel or not. Mostly it depends on your country. Many countries allow this. butit is illegal work in some countries. The risk of rendering of your device is low by rooting it. You don’t need to worry. Actually if you think that you lost your default operating system.

Than no need to worry. Through rooting you are able to put new operating system to your device without any problem. This is so amazing you can change your operating system anytime and anywhere. Only you have to learn some easy steps.

There are some keywords for rooting like Bootloader, Android debug bridge, Recovery etc. These are the main keyword you must know if you want to root your android device.

  • Bootloader
  • Android Debug Bridge
  • Recovery


It is the lowest level software on your android device. The work of the software is start up recovery. Than the main operating system. You should anything about this. If you miss any key word. Than you are not able to root your android device.

Android Debug Bridge:-


ADB is like a command line tools. In fact it is the part of android sdk. Actually it is the only way for communication between the computer and the android device. This is the very important key word to remember.



It is the low level software. Actually it is used to create and restore backups of the full system. That is accessed before the main operating system. Through this you are able to get back your important documents , images etc.

Don’t think that rooting doesn’t cause any issue. It cause some issue with official headset updates. But you can install new software manually. Sometimes during updating root permission to be lost. In this case you are not able to perform action again. Now you can restore it to factory specifications.


Some manufactures becomes kinder to rooters. The allow you to install third party softwares. But some manufactures doesn’t allow you to install any other software of third party. You can’t root your device. When your device is with locket bootloader. The low level software start up your device.

That is designed to prevent rooting. It is not diffcult to remove root and set your device back to stock state. You can also modify your device to its stock state by your self. If you avoid APK’s and some other apps. Than your security risk is posed to rooted headset.

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Root Android:-

There is not a same process to root your android device. Some android devices having different rooting process. It depends on your android smart phone you are using. XDA forum helps you a lot here.



you have to search your device here and you will find the best methods to root your android device. There are lots of roms available on xda. You can visit here and pick a best rom for your android device.

Above the full step by step detail about how to root your android device. You should read the full article and try it on your device.

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