How to solve startup problem of Windows

Hey guys, today i will tell you something about how to solve startup problem of windows. You have notice that many times. When you turn on the computer there is always a errors displaying on the screen. That is a window startup problem. Today i will show you how to solve this problem. So lets get started.

Startup Problem:


startup problem

Startup repair from Boot Menu:-

You can repair your windows startup issue by yourself no need to pay. If your are using windows 8 or windows 10. Than first you have to do is go to the advanced boot menu option. If the windows is not working properly or windows can’t boot properly. Than you can go for startup repair through troubleshoot option.

startup problem

After this windows will ask you for password for repair your computer. If your are using window 7. Than there is a error continuously displaying on screen. The window error recovery screen. When the window is not boot properly. Then you have to launch startup repair on the screen to run the startup repair automatically.

startup problem

Windows will ask you for your user name and password for your PC. After doing all this you have to select the option of Launch Startup repair. Now windows will fix all the problems that create problem for your PC from booting.

Boot Option:-

If still it is not working properly. Than follow some steps here below. Power off your startup problemcomputer completely. Than turn it on again and when the screen is start displaying keep pressing the F8 key continuously. After doing this you will see the advance boot option on the screen. There are some options of the mode. you have to select safe mode for startup repair. If there is no option for startup repair. Than you can consult your mechanic.

Launch Startup repair from Disc or Pendrive:-

If still the window is not running properly. Than you can run startup repair from disc or pen drive. If you don’t have a system repair disc or recovvery pen drive. Than you can take help from the other computer that is using the same version of window you are using. If your window is not booting properly. startup problem

Than you can create a recovery disc on another computer. You can use it to solve you all errors and problems. Window 7 always allow you to create a recovery disc by burning a cd. When you are using windows 8 or something. Than you can create a USB recovery drive. When you created a repair disc.

Than insert it into the computer that is not running properly. And you can install the version of window through this. Again you have to go to the option of startup repair. Through this recovery disc you are again able to run to computer. Before this go to the option of Windows memoery diagnostic. you have to check your PC’s Ram for other problems.

Startup Repair from Installation Media:-

You can also repeat this whole process by using USB drive. But if you don’t have window installation media. Than you can download it from microsoft. Remember one thing you can only use media that matches the version you trying to recover. For example if you are using windows 10.

startup problemThan you can install media installation from windows 10 pc only. You cannot allow to use media installation from different version. First insert the usb drive in your personal computer. Than go the option of boot from device. If you are using windows 10. Than click on the repair you PC option. Than run startup repair.

But if you are using window 7 or some thing go with the option of Repair your PC. After clicking on this windows runs the startup repair tool. This tool helps you to solve your windows problem.

But this tool is not able to solve all the problem. In this the only option left for you is reinstalling window. Now you have to install new windows to your computer. You can install windows to your computer by using disc and a usb device.

Above all the information about how to fix startup problem of your window. Yes you can repair your window by urself by using these methods. These methods will helps you a lot.




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