How to solve WiFi problems on Mac

Hey guys, today i will show you how to solve WiFi problems on mac. If you are using mac and having wifi problem. Than no need to worry because here is the full solution for this problem. Here below the full step by step information about to fix problems related to wifi on mac.

WiFi Problems:-

Here is our full guide about Wifi troubleshooting. You can get solution of your problems from here. The problems like wireless signal strength is bad. There are some reasons for wifi stop working. Maybe the problem is with your router.

WiFi Problems

Your broadband network is not so good. Issue with your wifi network. These are the main reasons for the wifi problems. When your wifi is not working well and your internet is not working on your mac. Than you can use some solution here below. Here is the full guide to fix the wifi problems.

Apple Software:-

When you update your mac to new version than sometimes it encounter wifi problems. Some users found that when they update their mac to new version than their mac could no longer connect to wifi.

WiFi Problems

Actually this is a issue of update software. In fact it is not easy to fix this problem. In this case you have to check our tips for this problems. The solution to fix wifi problem is here below.

Check Broadband Provider:-

When the wifi of your mac is not working even if the network is not down. Than the problem is maybe with the broadband provider. In fcat sometimes the problem is with the cable. When your web connection cuts off during bad weather. Maybe the fault due to water is in the cables.

Wifi Recommendation:-

When your mac is connect to wifi network. Than check for the issue. If there is any issue detect than you will see recommendation in status menu. First go to the setting of wifi. Than you can see the issue detected.

Reboot Mac:-

If your wifi is not working than the problem is maybe with your mac. First turn your mac off and turn it on again. When the issue is still there after the reboot.

WiFi Problems

Than turn the wifi off and wait for some time and after some time turn it on. To do this turn the wifi off and on by click on the wifi logo menu now turn off your wifi.

Reboot Router:-

When the problem is due to your router. Than turn it off and after some time turn it on again. You have to reboot your router to fix the problem. Disconnect your router for one minute. Than connect it your mac. Now the problem is solve.

Network Forget:-

When you force your device to forget the network than it works. First turn off the airport and than go to the system preferences network.

WiFi Problems

Now here select the wifi in the list. Than click on the advance . After that select the network your want to forget.


If your wifi is not working than disconnect your bluetooth. First click on the bluetooth icon and than turn the bluetooth off. Than the problem you having is solve. Maybe the turning the bluetooth on and off fix your wifi problem.

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Signal Problem:-

There are many reasons for the signal problems. On some location the signal strength is weak. There is app which helps you to fix this problem.

WiFi Problems


The name of the app is netspot. It create a map of wifi signal. When you identify the problem than the signal strength in certain parts of your house. You should use wifi extender to fix this wifi problems.

Apple Diagnostics:-

First open the wireless diagnostics. Now search for it using spotlight than click on the wifi icon. Than select the option of wireless diagnostics. Now click on the continue to report. Than click on the window performance.

WiFi Problems

Now it will create three gaps. These tells you about signal quality. If you notice that the sudden increase in noise. Try to identify this problem. Than you can fix the issue with your Wifi on mac.

Above all the step by step guide to fix the wifi problems on your mac. You must read this whole to get information about it.

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