Top 7 system tools hidden in windows

Hey guys, today we are here to discuss on the topic of  tools hidden in windows. There are lots of tools present in the windows that is hidden from you. But here we tell you all the useful and hidden tools in windows. It will help you to find all the useful tools. Here below all the step by step information about tools hidden in windows.

Tools Hidden:

Windows contain a various types of useful tools. But these tools are hidden from the windows. These tools may help you in a different way. You can launch the tools by know their names. First you have to search your start menu.

Tools hidden

Now search the name of the tool. If you are using windows 8. Than you have to select the setting category on the search screen. Actually the tool is show up in the result. In fact these tool help you to do anything on your computer. In fact you can also improve security settings.

Top 7 system tools:

  • Resource Monitor
  • Computer Management
  • Disk Cleanup
  • Registry Editor
  • System Information
  • Performance Monitor
  • System Configuration

Resource Monitor:-

This tool gives you detailed information about computer resource usage. Here you can see CPU disk, Network, memory graphics. Also gives you information for every second. In fact you can see that which application is so heavy and creating loading problem.

Tools hidden

Resource monitor provides details statistics. The process to launch this tool is so easy. First you have to open the task manager. Now click on the performance tab. Select the resource monitor option here. Than you are able to use this tool. You can check your stat of every second here.

Computer Management:-

Many of the tools are found in Administrative tools. This is found in control panel. There are many other tools contain by windows like Task scheduler, Shared folder, Device manager, services, Disk management etc.

Tools hidden

In fact you can use disk management without using any third party tool on your window. Shared folder display the folder shared over the network. Device manager allows you to see the devices that are connected to your computer.

Disk Cleanup:-

Actually Windows this utility is not quite like other tools. In fact there are very few peoples know about this. In fact it is used for scan computer to check your deleted files, memory dumps etc. Disk cleanup is same as the pc cleaning.

Tools hidden

There is no difference. The work of both the tools are same. Many people uses ccleaner and other good tools for this work. Disk clean up does a good job.

Registry Editor:-

Many people’s know about this. But there is no shortcut of this tool. Still this is hidden from us. In fact you can use many other tweaks like this. User with home edition can’t prevent shutting down windows using this policy.

Tools hidden

In fact they can with few registry tweaks. Actually Registry editor is very powerful tool. In fact you can easily damage your windows. Before the use of this tool. You must have the full information about this tool.

System Information:-

In fact it gives the all types of information about your computer. Here you can get any type of information. Like your windows is running properly or not etc. In fact it doesn’t provide slickest interface.

Tools hidden

Also provide the information about third party system. This tool never force you to install any other application. Also display lots of system information.

Performance Monitor:-

Actually this tool collect performance data form many sources. You can use this tool to get performance data any time.

Tools hidden

In fact this tools also helps you to know about which application is giving too much load to system. This tool keep displaying the performance data of every application.

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System Configuration:-

Many of the peoples don’t now anything about this tool. In fact this is prior to windows 10. A feature that startup program manager built into task manager.

Tools hidden

It was the only way to control startup programs. In fact These tools allow you to customize boot loader. This is a very good tool and very useful.

Above the full information about the tools hidden in windows. Now you have the full information about every tool. That is hidden from you.

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