Top 7 ways to speed up slow PC running any windows

Hey guys, today we discuss on the topic of slow PC running. As you notice that when you buy a new PC its working very fast. There is no slow process issue and many more. But after some time your PC starts working so slow. There are to many reasons for this. Today i will tell you some ways to speed up your PC.

Slow PC Running:

There are some reason for slow process of your computer or laptop. If you want to know all the reasons. And want to solve all the issues for slow processing. Than follow our steps as given below. slow pc

Top 7 ways to speed up:-

  • Clean your PC
  • Startup Program Disable
  • Animation Reduce
  • Web Browser
  • Malware and adware
  • Free Disk Space
  • Uninstall Programs

These are the top 7 ways to speed up your PC so lets get started step by step.

Clean Your PC:-slow pc running

IF your PC is working very slowly. Than you can clean up your pc. There are many tools for clean up your pc. But i suggest you Clean my pc tool.

This is a very good tool for clean up your pc without any side effects. This tools work automatically. After clean up your pc. Now your pc is start working properly. Now the speed is going to increase than before.

Startup Program Disable:-

slow pc runningWhen your pc is starts working very slowly. Than you should go for disable your startup programs. If you are using windows 10 or 8.

Than there is a option of disable startup programs. First you have to go to the option. This option will help your pc from launching applications at startup. When you reach to this option. Than you are able to increase the speed of your slow running pc. You have to disable your startup programs.

Animation Reduce:-

There are many animation on the windows. It makes your your computer or laptop works slow pc runningslower. You have to disable some animation from the window. Than your pc starts working faster than ever.

To reduce animation press the window key plus X. Than click on the advanced system setting option. Here you have to adjust the visual effects to disable all the animations. When you disable all the animation Than your pc’s speed is automatically going to increase. This is a best way to speed up your slow pc running.

Web Browser:-

slow pc runningIf you have a pc. Than its sure that you using web browser. It also effect your pc for slow running. There are too many types of virus available on web browser. Which effects your pc.

Than your pc is starts working slowly. You have to remove some extensions from your browser. There are many types of extensions present on the web browser. Remove all the extension which are not in use. It also helps your pc to works properly with good speed. This is one of the major reason for slow pc running. You should go for this. Try to use lighter browser for your pc. It may helps your pc for working fast.

Malware and adware:-

If your computer or laptop is running slow. Than there is lots of chances that there are some softwares running in background and slow your pc down. You can use a good anti-virus for safety of your computer.slow pc running

There software are very heavy and loading different types of files on your computer. The whole process is working in background. You can’t see anything. When you go for a software.

Than it become easy for you to find all that software and files. Remove all of them from your pc. Than your pc is starts working faster. These types of software may harm your pc.

Free Disk Space:-

When your pc is suddenly starts working slow. Than disk space may be the reason for this. If you are using hard disk of 500 gb. And your disk is almost full. Than your pc is starts slow pc runningworking slow due to the load of the files and folders.

you can remove some files or folders and free up your disk space. it may helps your computer to work fast. But if you don’t want to remove any thing from your computer. Than you should go for some extra disk space.

Yes you can add one one disk to your computer for some extra space. It many helps your computer too. But if you are agree to to remove some files and free up your disk. Than its too good for your computer. By free up some disk space again your computer is starts working fast. This is the best way to speed up slow pc running.

Uninstall Program:-

If your pc is running slowly. Than it may be due to the too many programs installed on your pc. You can increase your pc’s speed by uninstalling some programs.

slow pc running

First go to the window button. Select the option of control panel. Than you see that there is a option of programs. This is for the windows 7 users. Than click on the option of program.

Than you see that there are lots of softwares and files installed on your pc. Some are harmful for your pc. You have to uninstall some programs which are not in use. This is going t helpful for your pc.

Above the top 7 ways to speed up your slow pc running. You can use these methods to speed up your PC.

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