Use Safe Mode to Fix your Windows PC 2017

Hey guys. today i will show you how to use safe mode in Windows. You can use safe mode to fix your pc. Safe mode is a essential tool. It is inflected with malware. In fact it is crash by buggy drivers. Safe mode is used for protection of your pc.


It helps your windows pc to start with set of services and drivers. When the safe mode is running no third party software is loaded during this. Safe mode is used for remove all the problems like crashing software etc.


You can work without crashing of software. Actually it provide you a environment that is very easy to roll back drivers and troubleshooting tools and etc. In fact you can say that safe mode is so good for your pc.

Help of Safe Mode:-

When the computer is starts normally than it launches startup programs. Now all the services configured to start and load the drivers of hardware that is already installed on your pc. When you start pc in safe mode than it uses a low screen resolution. It starts only necessary services.


In fact it avoid to load any third party startup services program. When you can’t start windows normally than you start windows with the safe mode. It is very good place to start troubleshooting potential problems. If your computer is unstable hardware drivers that cause blue screen and inflected with malware. This mode can help you fix all those things are not loaded the way.

When the windows starts normally. If there is a problems in your computer. And you are not going to fix. Computer is unstable and keep blue screening. Now you drop into the safe mode to fix all problems.

Start windows safe Mode:-

When your computer is starts automatically with the safe mode. If it crash while trying more than one time to start normally. Actually when it is not starts with safe mode automatically. Than you can do it manually. Here below some information to use safe mode of different mode in different versions.

Safe Mode

For windows 7 press the f8 key rapidly while the computer is booting. Now select the safe mode in the menu. For Windows 8 hold the swift button while clicking restart on power menu. On the login screen on bar menu. Now for windows 10 hold the shift button and

restart in the power options in the start menu. You can use these methods if you are using any of these windows on your computer. In fact these method are use for safe mode on computer.

Fix Pc Safe Mode:-

When the windows is starts with safe mode tha you can perform regular system maintenance. You can troubleshoot tasks for fix your pc like:-

Run System Restore:

When your starts creating problems suddenly than you can use system restore to restore it to good configuration. Actually it is not possible to run system restore without crashing from the safe mode.

Windows Scan Malware:-

You can use any antivirus to scan for malware. If you detect any, remove it from your computer. Those malware which are not possible to remove in normal mode. Than you can use safe mode to remove that malware. But if you don’t have any antivirus installed on your computer. Than you have to download and install a new antivirus on your computer. Now use it in safe mode to remove detected malware.

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Windows Update Drivers:-

When your hardware drivers are causing some problems in the system. Than you have to download and install update drivers. Now install it in your safe mode. Now all the drivers creating instability is update by this driver in safe mode.

One more thing you can also reinstall your windows but it cause you to lose your personal data and files. You have to create backup if you decided to reinstall windows.

Above all the information related to safe mode to fix your windows pc. you must real the full article to know everything about it.

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