Window’s 10 File Explorer looks like Window’s 7 Explorer

Hey guys, today i will tell you something about windows explorer. How to make windows 7 file explorer looks like windows 10 file explorer. Here below the ways to make windows 10 file explorer looks like windows 7 explorer. Here is full step by step information about this. There are many changes in windows 10 file explorer as compare to windows 7 file explorer.

File Explorer:-

If you want to compare windows 7 file explorer with windows 10 explorer. Than you see lots of difference between both of them. When you are using windows 7 and then upgraded to windows 10 and you don’t like the file explorer of windows 10. There is a tool for this. If you want to use windows 7 explorer in windows 10.

File explorer

This tool will help you to make windows 7 explorer looks like window 10 explorer. The tools is old new explorer. Through this you are able to make some changes in the windows setting. You can make some changes in the windows. If you think that this is a difficult process than don’t worry.

This procedure is very easy and simple. In fact you don’t have to make all the changes in the windows. You just have to make few changes. After doing this procedure you get the file explorer of windows 7.

Old New Explorer Tool:-

First you have to download the tool old new explorer on your computer. Always remember that this is a third party tool. Actually you have to create backup before using this tool on your computer. Now download the zip file of the tool and than extract it. Install the old new explorer tool like other applications.

File Explorer

Than on the configuration dialog box click on the install button. After that allow the settings on this dialog box. Now the program is ask for permission to make changes on your computer. Than on the user account control setting click on yes button. Now the tool is installed on your computer.

Detail Pane:-

In windows 7 explorer its shows the detail pane at the bottom of the windows. But in windows 10 it is on the right side. Here you can see the file details. In fact you can also show the detail pane by selecting organize > layout.

File Explorer

Now in the panes section click on the details pane. If you want to move the detail pane to the bottom of the windows than you can use the tool old new explorer. Now the details pane is show at the bottom of windows.

Disable File Explorer Ribbon:-

Like one in the micro soft office program it added a ribbon to explorer in windows. It change the looks of the navigation bar. In fact you can disable the ribbon by using some commands if you don’t like the ribbon. If you want to disable the ribbon use the tool old new explorer configuration dialog box.

File Explorer

In fact there are many other options. You can use other options if the command bar option is not . You can also hide the caption text on the file explore. First you have to hide the caption icon in explorer. If you want to have a empty bar then use the command bar of ribbon. In fact you can also hide the up button.

You can enable glass on navigation bar. There are lots of changes you can make. If you want to change the style of navigation button you can also do that. Actually you can set up this as you want. Because the tool allow you to make changes as you want.

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Back to windows 10 explorer:-

If you change the windows 10 file explorer to windows 7. Than don’t think that now you don’t ¬†revert back to the windows 10 file explorer. By using the same tool old new explorer. you can again make changes to windows to get back the explorer of windows 10

Above all the information about the file explorer. How you can make changes in the file explorer of windows 10 to looks like the explorer of windows 7.

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