Work with Network Drives & Locations

Hey guys, our today’s topic is on Network drives and Locations. Here is the full step by step information about network drives and location. How to work with network drives and location. The full procedure is here. You must read the full article to know everything about network drives and locations.

Network Drives and Locations:

If you want to access network resources more efficiently. Than you can create a shortcut to folder that is shared by another computer on network. This process is called mapping a network drive. It has some characteristics:

Network drive

Here is some characteristics of mapped network drive. It only focused to network shared folder. You must need the credential to connect with this. It is mainly points to resources that is found on your network only. Inn fact also has drive letter assigned like other partition.

Actually you should create some shortcuts to web resource like FTP server etc. This process of creating the shortcuts is called a creating network locations. A network location has also some characteristics:

Network drive

Actually it mainly point to the external sources that uis found on internet. Also need to appropriate credentials to connect. There is no need of drive letter assign. In fact this is a shortcut to web location.

Actually for each user account both the network drive and locations are stored individually.
This is only for the users account. In fact it is not available for the user on same computer. If you want to work with it. You must have a user account. Now if don’t have any user account. Than you should create one.

FTP server as Network Location:-

FTP service is used to add network location wizard. This wizard is work same in windows 7 windows 8 etc. There is no need to change the wizard. First you need to star the file explorer.

Network drive

Than expand the computer tab on ribbon. Click on add network location. First you have to add network location. Than you can start work on it without any problem. This work is all about the network location.

Network Drives:-

When the work of network drive can’t done without map network drive wizard. This wizard is works on window 7 and windows 8. Actually in each operating system is is slightly different. For windows 8 your need to go for file explorer.

Than expand the computer tab on ribbon. or tap map network drives. If you are using windows 7 on the top toolbar you will see several buttons including Map network drive. Here below the image to show this.

Network drive

Map network drive wizard is now on the screen to displayed. first select the letter which you want to assign. Actually you can directly type the path. You need to start with “\” and name of shared network folder. now in browse for folder window.

Browse your network computers. Remember do not double click on it. If you do this than is show some errors. Select the folder that is displayed in folder entry. Map resource is used by windows until you sigh out for here. Now you have to recreate a account and sign in again.

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The most important thing is connect using different credentials. don’t worry this setting is going to desable by default. You will have some issue connecting to it. Unless when the folder is shared with the select group. Now you will be able to access the network folder. In fact if you want to use user account and password.

Network drive

Than connect to the shared network folder. Now user has permission to access it. When to done all this process than press finish. If you are enable window security. Windows will try to connect with the network drive and user details from the computer.

When the process is complete press ok. Drive mapping is now complete. Actually now explorer window is show. In fact now you can share network folder. That mapped by you.


Drive mapping is display in pc section. if you are using windows 8. Shown in computer section if yo are using windows 7. In fact all the drive are show in network location.

Above the full step by step information about network drive and location. if you read he full article you get knowledge about this.

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