World Top 7 computer Operating Systems 2017

Hey guys, today i am going to show you top 7 computer operating systems. These operating systems are on the top. You can use anyone OS from these. In fact it should be good for your PC. Here below the names and information about top 7 OS for computer systems. The list of the top 7 Os is here below.

Operating Systems:-

There are so many alternative operating systems are available nowadays. You can use any OS for your computer. Actually we don’t recommend you to install most of these OS to your computer. In fact you can install a virtual programs like vmware player etc.

Operating Systems

There are also many operating systems like android, linux, mac os and many more. You can use these operating systems on your pc. These OS are on the top of the list. There are some OS which is not good for your pc. In fact they can harm your computer. So be aware of that type of OS.

Linux OS:-

Actually computers operating systems is not complete without linux. It is alternative OS. In fact linux is comes in different categories. Like linux distributions, Ubuntu and many more. You can use linux if you want to install a non windows OS on your computer.

Operating Systems

Also linux is unix type OS. There are many other OS which is open source and free to use. The open source OS like freebsd. It is used on many kernel. The experience of using this OS is similar to other OS. If you decide to use linux OS on your Pc than it should be the best decision.

Steam Operating System:-

The steam OS is now in beta. It is also similar to linux OS. In fact it include a linux software. This OS is mainly used as the gaming OS. This is designed for living rooms. It create a steam interface between the user and computer. Now you are able to buy new computers with steam OS preinstalled.

Operating Systems

You no need to install this OS manually. But if steam os is not preinstalled on your computer. Than you can install it on your pc by yourself. You can download the setup of this os from the internet. Than install it on your computer thats it.

Chrome OS:-

Chrome Operating system is built on linux kernel. Actually it have a specialized desktop that can only run by the chrome browser. No other apps and OS runs this. They are failed to run this special desktop.

Operating Systems

It is not for general purpose OS. But it is designed to preinstalled on new laptops. These laptops are called chrome books. There are many other ways. You can download and install it manually.

Android OS:-

This Operating systems also use the linux kernel like many other OS. But android is very different form other OS. This is mainly designed for the smart phones, tabs and etc. Android is one of the best OS ever.

Operating Systems

There are many companies who develop their own port of android. Intel is one of them. Android is not a good os for computer. but you can use it on your pc. This is best for smart phones. You can use multiple apps at the same time in this OS.

Sky Operating System:-

This Os is not too much famous like other OS’s. Because this os is not open source. You are not allowed to make any changes in this OS. This os is not freely available. You have to pay for this os.

Operating Systems

If you want to use this on your computer. There are different versions of sky os which you can use on your computer. Its one beta version is made in 2013.  which is free to download and use. But its other version are not free.

React OS:-

This os is open source and free to use. If this is not preinstalled on your computer than you can download it from the internet and install on your computer. In fact this os shares some codes with wine project.

Operating Systems

Through this your are able to run windows applications on mac os and etc. If you want to use free os. Than you can use react OS. This is free available you no need to pay anything for this os.

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Mac Operating Systems:-

This os is preinstalled on apple gadgets like Mac books, laptops etc. Actually this os is on the top. It is very different and unique as compare to other os. There are only limit applications.

Operating Systems

In fact you have to pay for some applications. You can also use this os on your windows pc. There is a procedure for this. Actually this os is very safe and easy to use. In fact Mac os x is the best operating system ever.

Now you have all the information about world’s top 7 operating system. In fact you can choose any one of them.

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