Xiaomi A1 all features and details 2018

Hey guy, today i will given you full information about Xiaomi A1. The latest smartphone Which is in the news nowadays. Xiaomi A1 is not just a smartphone. This is also a DSLR. The features and performance of this smart phone is more than other smart phones which is in the market now. Xiaomi gives you a best smart phones with low prices. This is one the best smart phone from Xiaomi. You can also say that this is the best phone from Xiaomi till now. Here below all the information about this smart phones all its features, details and etc. So let get start.

Xiaomi A1:

The smartphone Xiaomi A1 is launched in september 2017. After the launch the sale of this smart phone catches fire. Due to its stunning design and body. This phone is looking so attractive. People get attract to this smart phone. Because its gives 2 rear cameras. And before this the feature of two rear cameras are seen only in apple iphone.

Xiaomi A1

but from now this feature is comes with low price and now all the average people can enjoy the feature of two cameras. The picture quality of camera’s are also very good. You can say that this smart phone is father of all the smartphone under the range of 400$ to 450$ price.

Features and Details:

There are lots of feature in this smart phone. Most of the features are common in every smart phone. But there are some features in this smart phone. which you can’t find in any other smart phone. Xiaomi A1 gives some features like picture quality. The camera of this smart phone is so good. That you got confused in the pictures.

Xiaomi A1

Because it became hard to find that the picture is clicked from the smart phone or any other dslr. This is one the feature which makes this phone completely different from other phones.




The Camera of this smart phone is so good. It has a 2x optical dual zoom camera. Its dual camera has wide angle lens with 12MP f/2.2 and 26mm equivalent focal length. Also has a 5 pieces lens. A1 has a very good flash light. It has a two tone flash. Also has telephoto lens with 12MP and f/2.6. The equivalent focal length is 50mm. 5 piece of lens. 2x optial zoom with PDAF phase focus.

Xiaomi A1

Also has a low light photography enhancements. HDR adjustments. Panorama mode. Continuous shooting mode. With the help of this mode you are able to click lots of photos with in a sec. Facial recognition function. It has 5MP front facing camera with 36 smart beauty profiles.

Processor Memory and Dimensions:

Xiaomi A1 built with a octa core snapdragon 625 processor, with max 2.0GHz 14nm FinFET. It has a high performance and power efficiency aderno 506 graphics 650MHz. This smartphone has a 4GB RAM. Its internal storage is also very good. 64Gb internal storage. Means you can store lots of data in this smart phone. If you are to satisfied with this storage capacity. Than you can also increase this storage to 128GB. The Dimensions of Xiaomi A1. Its height is 155.4mm width is 75.8mm Thickness is 7.3mm and the weight is 165g.

Battery and Display of Xiaomi A1:

A1 has a long time battery life. This smart phone comes with a 3080mAh. 5v / 2A charging. Also has a reversible USB type-C cable. Means you can charge your device from the both side of the pin.

Xiaomi A1

This smart phone has a 13.9mm (5.5)inch full High Defination display. 450nit brightness. 1920X1080 resolution, 403 PPI. And a 1000: 1 contrast ratio. You can also watch 4k videos in this phone.

Above all the information about Xiaomi A1. If you are looking for better smart phone in low price than this will be the best choice for you.


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